How to use Instagram Layout

How to use Instagram Layout

July 9, 2020 By carolc

Instagram continues its growth as one of the most popular social networks. This is due in large part to the facilities it offers to make interesting and unique publications, which allow users to put their imaginations into practice. One of the new features that the Instagram team has added to its menu is Layout.

Instagram Layout offers the possibility to create collage or photo collections, to share them on your social network account. To get this compilation of images and publish it, before you had to use an independent app whose name was also “Layout”. And although this mobile application was also a product of the social network team, it had to be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the App Store for iOS devices.

Currently, as with Boomerang, you can find and use Layout among Instagram’s editing options. The only peculiarity concerning this new function is that on Android phones it is called “Design”, and on iOS smartphones, it is known as “Layout”.

What is Instagram Layout?

As we already mentioned, this function that Facebook developers have incorporated into Instagram allows you to create a fun and original collection of photos.

The tool presents you with different design alternatives, with different arrangements for images. You can include up to six photos in a collage. Images can be taken from your image gallery, or you can create them instantly using your mobile phone’s camera.

Instagram Layout features

  • The function is very easy to use.
  • You are the editor and creator of the collage so you can tell a story, show a new outfit, present the main aspects of a product, present the best products of your company, present your best model poses, etc.
  • You can include up to six images in the same publication.
  • Select photos from your gallery or take them instantly.
  • The function automatically saves your design in the memory of your cell phone.
  • You can immediately publish your creation on Instagram and Facebook.
  • You do not require a registration or an account to start using the function.

Take advantage of the Layout’s features and facilities to start creating incredible photo collections. In the next section, we will show you the step by step to use Instagram Layout.

How to use Instagram Layout

To create an ideal image collection, you just have to follow a few simple steps:

  • First, select the option to create a new post or a new Instagram Stories.
  • When you are presented with the screen to record a video or take a photo for the new publication, you will see several options available.
  • If your device is Android, you will see the “Design” option. In case your smartphone is iOS, the option you will see will be “Layout”. Select the corresponding option.
  • You will immediately be presented with the different design options for your collage, next to the take photos button. You can move the design options, to select the one you want.
  • Once you choose the type of image collection, you will see the screen sectioned or divided according to the selected design.
  • Your phone’s camera will be active in the first section of the photo composition. Just press the button and capture a new image instantly, or you can go to the gallery and select a previously stored photo.
  • This same step must be done in each of the sections of the image collection.
  • When you have included a photo in each window of the composition, you will be presented with an approval button, to confirm that you have finished your creation. You also have the delete button, in case you want to change any of the images used.
  • Once you complete your design and confirm it, you will see your photographic product as a single image, on the screen of new publications.
  • On the publications screen, you can edit your creation as you wish, just like you do with standard publications. You can add text in different formats, gifs, emoticons, etc.

How to use Instagram Layout in a creative way

This type of publication with artistically grouped images allows you to present important information creatively and originally. Here are some ideas for you to make the most of  Instagram Layout.

  • To present a cooking recipe, you can create a collection of photos with the ingredients that you will use.
  • Present the best products of your company, highlighting their characteristics or functions.
  • Create an attractive sample of your services or designs. In composition, you can show to potential clients your most outstanding designs. You can use a collection of images as a mini digital portfolio.
  • If you prefer, you can also present delicious dishes that are part of your menu.
  • Tell a story with a sequence of images. Describe your trip, a product creation process, what is the service you offer, how to use your products, etc.
  • You can also share the sequence of some exercise routines, the menu of a special diet, how to execute a specific dance move, how to prepare a salad or juice.
  • Present the human side of your company, showing each work team or the processes they carry out.
  • This is an ideal tool to present “How to …” topics, which you can apply in various ways to make yourself known on social networks.
  • You can also incorporate news or promote events.


Put your creativity into practice, prepare attractive, original, and unique compositions that captivate your audience. Get the most out of the tools that Instagram offers you, and get all the benefits they can give you.

Use Instagram Layout and optimize your posts.

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