How to permanently delete WhatsApp Messages

How to permanently delete WhatsApp Messages

There should be a range of motives why you would want to delete your WhatsApp chat history.

  • You ought to be worried about your privateness and don’t desire others to understand who you have been speaking with.
  • Perhaps you are afraid that any person should snoop via your phone.
  • Maybe you format to promote your telephone or provide it away and you don’t prefer all of your personal chats on there.
  • Or WhatsApp report and records occupy so a lot house and you prefer to clear.

At any rate, if you absolutely price your privacy, you must reflect on consideration on to deletion of WhatsApp chat records permanently. One aspect you must comprehend that deleting WhatsApp chats from App would not suggest you have completely erased them. The chats can be saved in backup or Google account. Now, let’s discover the exceptional approaches on how to delete WhatsApp messages permanently.


The most direct thanks to deleting WhatsApp messages is within the app itself. You can delete personal messages, conversations, groups, or your whole chat records by means of following the steps below. Deleted messages are completely deleted from your phone.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the chat window with the message you prefer to delete.
  • Tap and maintain the message.
  • Tap Delete > Delete for me.

To delete a crew chat, you first want to exit the group.

  • In the principal Chats screen, tap and maintain on the chat you desire to delete.
  • Tap extra alternatives from the proper pane.
  • Exit crew >EXIT
  • Tap and keep the team chats again, then faucet the delete icon to Delete.
  • Go to WhatsApp > Settings (Swipe down from the pinnacle of the display to get entry to the Settings) > Chat >Chat History.
  • Scroll to the backside and faucet Delete all chats:


We are aware that WhatsApp has the function to returned up statistics in precise time. So, if you favor deleting WhatsApp chats completely then you ought to delete the backups by way of following the guidelines below.

Before you begin, reflect on consideration on the following:

  • Your chat records backup archives are saved in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/ folder.
  • You can’t open these folders backyard of WhatsApp.
  • You will want a file supervisor to delete these files.

To delete your backups:

  1. Launch your File Manager.
  2. Tap the WhatsApp folder, a listing of all WhatsApp sub-folders will appear.
  3. Tap and preserve the Databases file.
  4. Select Delete.
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