Set a YouTube video as your WhatsApp status

Set a YouTube video as your WhatsApp status

By Alex Balaniuc

Make your WhatsApp Status more fun and entertaining by brightening it up with a YouTube video. Find out how with this simple trick.

We already disclosed about ways in which you can update your WhatsApp Status by adding a text, photos, videos and GIFs to it in this article. In the case that you don’t know, your WhatsApp Status is a feature on WhatsApp that allows you to share with your contacts your everyday life activities, quotes, photos, etc. The Status gets automatically deleted after 24 hours, so you’ll have to update it quite frequently.

In addition to the things we’ve just seen that you can add to your Status, there’s also a hack that can make you set YouTube videos as your Status: let’s cover together what it is.

How to use a YouTube video as your WhatsApp Status

  • open the YouTube app



  • search for the video you want to set as your Status



  • below the video, tap the Share option



  • tap Copy link 



  • now, this step requires you to use a third-party app: search for
  • paste the video link you copied earlier where Enter the URL is



  • download the video



  • open WhatsApp
  • tap My Status and pick the video you just downloaded from your gallery
  • a screen will appear telling you that only the first 30 seconds of the video will play



  • wait for your Status to be updated, and you’re done!


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