How to turn off touchscreen on Chromebook

How to turn off touchscreen on Chromebook

By auroraoddi

Chromebook devices are a new type of computer designed to help you get work done faster and easier. They run the ChromeOS operating system, which offers cloud storage space, Google’s best built-in features and multiple layers of security. Chromebooks are brilliant devices, but sometimes certain features can be a bit excessive. The touchscreen could be an example, it is great for easy navigation because it resembles a smartphone or a laptop, but sometimes you want to turn it off. Google comes to our aid by making this very easy, giving us the possibility to turn it off and on whenever we want. The same goes for the touchpad, sometimes you might accidentally click and perform an action you didn’t want to do.

Turn off touchscreen or touchpad

Since they are not normal laptops, Chromebooks have simpler functionalities than Windows devices and MacBooks, in fact most of the changes are performed by the Chrome browser. Let’s see how to do this. First, open the Chrome browser on the Chromebook, now type “chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts” in the address bar. On the page that appears, type in the empty space search: Debugging tools for UI, which will probably be highlighted. Now click on Enabled, at which point restart the device. Now execute the keyboard shortcut Search+Shift+T to disable the touchscreen function or Search+Shift+P to disable the touchpad function.

Additional information

Pay attention to the fact that the touchpad on the Chromebook has more functionality than the one on the laptop, so before you disable the touchpad we suggest a few tips. Did you know that you can perform a right-click action by tapping the touchpad with two fingers simultaneously, or by pressing Alt and tapping the screen with one finger? In addition, here are a few more tips. If you want to return to the page you were on, simply swipe left with two fingers (reverse to the right). Want to see which windows are open? Swipe down or up with three fingers. Finally, to change the operation of the touchpad, go to Settings and change the settings to Touchpad/Touchpad and Mouse.

Laptop vs. Chromebook

From the point of view of the operating system, the differences between a laptop and a Chromebook are enormous. A large number of laptops are equipped with Windows or macOS, Apple’s operating system. Chromebooks, on the other hand, come with Chrome OS, a Linux-based system that is lighter and faster to boot than its competitors. Although Chrome OS resembles much of your web experience, there are differences when browsing with the Chrome browser. Moreover, this similarity makes Chromebook OS a key to performing the most common actions performed daily via the browser.


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