How to use Adobe Portfolio to create your portfolio website

How to use Adobe Portfolio to create your portfolio website

By carolc

One of the best ways to present your work and your potential as a professional to the world is through Adobe Portfolio. This is a tool that makes it easy for you to create your digital portfolio, and even a website.

What is Adobe Portfolio?

It is a tool from the Adobe team, specially designed to allow you to create a portfolio website. Quickly and easily, you can create a website with several interactive pages where you can display your work. This web space includes samples of your best projects and a page with contact information as base components.

With Adobe Portfolio you can also create a welcome page, a business card, a personalized landing page, etc.

Adobe Portfolio Features

Among the main features of this tool we can mention the following:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud tool collection.
  • You can create your digital portfolio in a few minutes.
  • You do not require CSS or HTML knowledge to create your work collection.
  • It gives you different themes to personalize your portfolio.
  • Creations are responsive web.

Services included in Adobe Portfolio

To facilitate the correct presentation of your work to the world, the Adobe tool includes the following services:

Integration with Behance

With the idea of ??importing your projects, Portfolio offers you the option of connecting with the Behance social network.

Responsive web creations

Each theme that the application includes has the interactivity feature natively. This allows the content to be adapted to the dimensions of the different devices or display screens.

Custom domain

Portfolio gives you the possibility to use your own name as a domain, so that your website looks much more professional. Also, this greatly facilitates people to find your collection of works.

Adobe fonts

This is a library that makes it easy for you to select thousands of font types. All of great quality and presentation. Adobe Fonts is also part of Creative Cloud.

Lightroom Photos

By using your Creative Cloud account, you can easily access your photos or images from Lightroom.

Interactive photo grids

With this function you will be able to present your images in a beautiful interactive grid format. You can also include your Lightroom photos in these grids.

Protection settings

To guarantee the security and privacy of your web project or some pages, you can configure the password protection offered by the tool.

An ideal tool for photographers

Adobe Portfolio has been developed especially for creative people like photography experts. The application considerably facilitates the exhibition of images, thanks to its functions and themes.

Additionally, the integration it establishes with Lightroom allows easy import of photos. It also provides you with the interactive photo grid mode or the full screen option to dazzle the world with your photographic shots.

How to use Adobe Portfolio?

We will describe some tips for you to put into practice when creating your digital portfolio.

Select your best job

Choose the best sample of your work. Select what transmits all your professionalism, and the essence of your style.

Present the type of job you want to be hired for

If you are a designer you should make sure to present the design style for which you want to be hired. For example, if you want to work on logo design, web design, magazine cover design, etc., that’s the type of samples you should include in your portfolio.

Includes personal and client work

A good idea is to include your own projects combined with projects created for a client. The purpose is that you can present products in which you have had total freedom (your own) and products in which you have had to meet the demands of customers.

In both cases, you should briefly specify what the job was about and what the idea or concept was.

Push yourself into the presentation

You must be very careful about the way you present your work. Make sure it is an original, unique and eye-catching creation. It is not enough to select your best works if the way you present them leaves a lot to be desired.

Validate that the lighting and contrast of the images are the most appropriate, check every detail and you will surely get a successful portfolio.

Includes the creation process only when warranted

The creation process can add value to your portfolio, if the project is complex and has taken you through several stages of production. If the development has remarkable characteristics and worthy of showing, then you must include the creation process.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Don’t saturate potential customers with pre-made or standard phrases. Use only the necessary text to point out specific things about your work, and let the samples of your projects speak for themselves.

Create your portfolio

Once you know very well which images will be part of your portfolio, it is time for you to get down to work.

  • The first thing you should do is enter the application, logging in to your Creative Cloud account.
  • Once you enter the application’s editing screen, you can proceed to select a theme for your website. Choose one and press “Try this layout”.
  • The application will present you with the tour option and the option to start editing your Portfolio. Select the second to start.
  • In the menu on the left you will find the “Manage Content” icon, and then in the “Integrations” tab, you can choose the option to import images from “Adobe Lightroom”, Behance or from your device.
  • Select the photos from their origin and they will immediately be added to your project.
  • Once included, you can modify each gallery created, its cover photo, titles, etc.
  • Adobe Portfolio will automatically create a Work page (where your galleries will be available) and a Contact page for your personal data. The content and format of these pages can also be modified to your liking.
  • Once you have all the content as you wish, you can proceed to publish your digital portfolio.


It is very important that you keep your portfolio updated with your most recent works. Remember that part of captivating your customers by providing new samples from time to time.