Inspire your Content using this Blog Examples

Inspire your Content using this Blog Examples

By camilaforero

Regardless of the topics you want to cover in your blogs, we can review some examples, so that you are encouraged to create your own blog, although it often takes time, attention and effort to do it well, you can work on creating a good blog to make a profit.

What is a blog?

When you want to build a blog, it can include articles, short posts, lists, infographics, videos, among other digital elements that can work for you, likewise, a blog is a digital publication that can complement a website, or can even be in the web independently.

Successful blog examples

Let’s look at the following examples of some blogs, which may give you enough inspiration to create your own blog and content. Each blog has its own unique ways of making its posts.

Marketing and social media blogs

Brilliant Business Moms 

This blog includes not only articles with business tips and ideas for marketing strategies, but also provides a variety of content such as podcast episodes, free templates and printables, and a list of recommended business tools and resources. Likewise, this blog is part of the Brilliant Life Shop virtual store that sells digital products intended to help small business entrepreneurs, especially mother companies.

RetroSupply Co

This online store’s blog has content on new products and behind-the-scenes peeks, and some articles on the history of art and design, this store sells high-quality, professional-grade brushes and textures for specialized digital photo editing software and of graphic design. Also, the brand has art and graphics, which is very important and stands out a lot since it is the target market that they have.

Personal finance blogs

Bravely Go 

This blog is run by money coach Kara Pérez, her blog has content such as how to save, manage and invest your money in a sustainable and ethical way, it also includes videos and recommendations for money tools, and advisory services.

Tech blogs


This business sells refurbished Apple devices, for example, phones, computers and accessories, and in the blog they publishes technological advice, with content on how to choose and buy a device and how to take care of it or solve problems, the blog has a simple design to do it more sober in view of those who visit the content.

Photography blogs


This is a photo editing business for e-commerce products, and the blog they have is about photo editing and product photography in general, tips on how to take, edit and optimize product photos can also be found on the blog, and photoshop tutorials for the purpose of helping businesses. 

Pretty Presets and Actions 

This business is about selling digital products on their Shopify site, what they sell can include presets, filters, brushes, and actions for Lightroom and related software, and the blog they have has content to help people use Lightroom for themselves, including tutorials and procedures for making their own edits.

Health blogs


Press is a business where they sell plant juices for health, in their blog called The Squeeze Magazine, they have tips and topics on diets that people can follow to achieve a healthier life, they also include recipes and suggestions with interview videos. 


This is a business where they sell sexual wellness products with a mission to “enhance intimacy for all” and their blog is called The Maudern, here they have articles on sexual health and intimacy, including art, history, culture , life, dating, people, movies, relationships, food and drink, science, health and sex education. 

Food blogs

Great Jones

This is a kitchenware business, and on  its blog she features recipes from different chefs, with their stories, and also about learning about a culture or trying something new in the kitchen. 

Partake Foods

It is a brand of vegan snacks for allergy sufferers, on their blog they share recipes and ideas, and you can also find notes from the founder and director with ideas for snacks. 

Travel and outdoors blogs 


This is a business that sells outdoor power equipment like solar panels and camp stoves, they discreetly promote their products on their blog and have articles that tell stories, educate readers about outdoor activities and also share guides that people can use.


She is a sustainable swimwear brand and its blog features female surfers, nicknamed Seeababes, with inspiring stories and tips. 

Lifestyle blogs

Consider The Wldflwrs

It’s a fine jewelry store in Nashville with everything from bridal jewelry to everyday essentials, and the store’s blog features promotions for their products as well as educational content. 

Kirrin Finch

This is a gender-neutral clothing brand, using its blog to feature video interviews, styling tips, and behind-the-scenes content. 

Who Gives a Crap

This is a business that sells sustainable paper products and also donates 50% of its profits to improve sanitation and build toilets in developing countries. And its blog called Talking Crap includes updates on the company’s progress in building toilets, as well as stories and information about the products the company offers. 

What makes a successful blog?

You should have an organic marketing strategy, which is when you advertise on your own channels, so you’re not paying for advertising elsewhere. This can take time for people to see your content, however, once you have the traffic or people viewing your content, it is easier and for example, potential customers will look at your free content to help them make buying decisions. Let’s look at some tips to succeed with your blog:

Add value

You must have content that your audience wants to see, whether it is to share news, entertain or educate, remember that it is about what the customer needs and wants.

Have clear goals

You can attract qualified leads, build a relationship with them, and drive sales, as well as gain new customers and readers using search engines and social media.

Focus on brand building

Ideally, your blog helps you establish your brand, with this you can connect with your audience and make your brand stand out with the content that is published.

Be consistent

No matter how much time you want to use, however, it is important to be consistent to make the posts you want on the blog to attract the audience and always stay there.

Why study other blog examples?

Let’s look at three reasons why this is important:


By checking other blogs you can get inspiration on the design you want to use, the templates, the format, the organization, how to post what you want, this is a difficult process, so getting inspiration from others usually works well.


Checking out the posts of the competition is a good idea, since you can see prices, designs, or the strategy that they use, with the purpose of using your own approach in your blog to increase sales and visits.


To have your own ideas, reviewing those of others helps you on many occasions, for example, if your business is about food, you can review the ideas of other blogs that are related to food and if they publish their own recipes, you can build your own recipes for your customers.

Use these blog examples to inspire your own

With the blog ideas we’ve already reviewed, you can build your own blog for your brand and boost your sales as well as email subscribers, but it takes a lot of effort to do it. Each of the blogs we saw above are dedicated to different businesses and brands, so remember that it is very important to know who you are targeting and that the content works for them.

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