LONGER RAY5 10W: the best Laser Engraver for beginners

LONGER RAY5 10W: the best Laser Engraver for beginners

By germana

The new market trend seems to be in those machines that, thanks to the use of lasers, are able to engrave and cut different materials. Tools now indispensable for DIY lovers, that in an extremely short time allow people to create engravings and cuts with a precision never seen before. The material is heated so long and with such intensity that, depending on the exposure time, it can change color, create a contrast or even evaporate. 

The laser engraving obtained, in addition to being extremely precise, is very resistant to abrasion and therefore durable over the years. The principle underlying this new technology is in some ways similar to the one that led to the birth of printing. It will only be necessary to create the layout of the engraving through the graphic program provided with the machine, or in some cases even with external software, and send it with a simple click to the printer driver. It will provide all the necessary indications to the laser, which in a completely automatic way will proceed with the work. In this way the daily work will be lightened, sometimes quite markedly, allowing the owner of the machine to focus on other aspects while the laser will be doing all the work in total autonomy. Nothing too complicated or expensive, especially since LONGER RAY5 10W has been launched on the market. We are talking about a precision laser machinery which is suitable for engraving and cutting of different materials, both for professional and private use. A device that for its characteristics could be considered extremely revolutionary, thanks to the many advantages associated with the use of this type of laser system.

The advantages of using LONGER RAY5 10W Laser Engraver

Among the main benefits related to the use of this tool proposed in an exclusive way by Longer, there are some that deserve special attention. The acronym PPS best encapsulates those that are the key points that led to the realization of this project: a tool that was projected to be Powerful, Precise and Safe. In addition to these characteristic attributes, it is also important to highlight another set of benefits related to the deployment of this new technology. Among these we may underline:

  • Wider field of application: the laser beam is a universal tool suitable for processing numerous materials, such as wood, glass, MDF, textiles, cardboard, paper, laminates, metals, and many more.
  • Contact-free material processing: in mechanical engraving, it is often necessary to lock the workpiece or secure it by means of vacuum. It is a time-consuming operation and can also damage the material. In laser processing these steps are not necessary. This processing takes place without contact, it does not produce splinters and, compared to the mechanical one, creates very little dust. This action allows to save time and money.
  • No problem with tool wear: a laser-guided and non-contact machining eliminates the cost of cutters, drills, and all the tools professionals used to work with.
  • Maximum precision and extremely refined details: laser technology permits the realization of extremely refined decorative elements with the utmost precision. Basically you can engrave and laser mark everything possible to draw or realize on PC.
  • Cost-effective production: The production of one-off parts, as well as the production of small or large series, is cost-effective and therefore affordable in any case. Power consumption can also be reduced thanks to a processing time that is extremely shorter than in conventional methods.


​​Debut Promo Time: 1st July to 15th August 

Page price: 459$ (daily price 529$) 

Coupon code (reduce 30$ more): R510WSAVE30 

Activity 1. From 1st to 31st July, buy a RAY5 10W machine. The 5W module is free as a gift. 

Activity 2. From 1st July, the first 100 customers who buy the RAY5 10W machine will receive the Newbie Gift Pack (worth $39.9)

Technical features of LONGER RAY5 10W Laser Engraver

Up to now, we have focused our attention mainly on what are the generic characteristics that distinguish a laser machine. But there are some of them that in particular are linked to the product core of our article. Compared to the different alternatives available on the market, RAY 5 has taken a step forward, proposing a solution that was even more convenient and easy to use

An asset that could adapt itself to the different needs of customers, while maintaining high standards of quality that the company has been able to offer to the public over the years. We talk specifically about a much larger workspace, that measures 15.75 x 15.75, difficult to find in any other solution offered by competitors. In addition we can notify the possibility of being able to work on over a thousand different materials, always with the guarantee of obtaining a result precise and clean in every detail. Even the safety factor can’t be underestimated, for this reason the company has decided to integrate a Flame Protection & Alarm. A thermal sensor that in case of too high temperatures, will automatically stop the laser and produce a continuous sound alarm. Plus point also for the Move Protection, an additional sensor that automatically turns-off the system when the engraving machine is being accidentally displaced or tilted. All made to guarantee the best personal safety. Everything is tied up with a Motionless Protection, another security system that in complete autonomy locks the process when the laser module is freezed over 15 seconds. We can say goodbye to accidents at work. Thanks to Longer RAY5 10W you can finally rest easy.

Technology at the disposal of the customer

But the news doesn’t stop here. There are, in fact, a whole list of new technological components that drew the attention of anyone who had the opportunity to try RAY 5. In addition to being equipped with a 32-Bit internal Chipset which is running at 240 MHz, the machine also allows an incredible function of remote control. Using a simple smartphone app, the device can send a whole series of data and information to the machine, being sure that the system keeps working without the limits of a cable connection. Obviously it is not the only solution, since the connection is also available via Wi-Fi, USB cable and TF cards. If the goal is to increase the productivity and efficiency of the work, by using more machines all became possible. It’s possible to set a number of units engraving and cutting together, imparting the commands from a single device. The integration of the 3.5″ Touch Screen interface is also very convenient. A small screen placed in the front of the machine to change different settings and setup with, making it easier for everybody to meet various DIY requirements.


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