Find Out How to Watch Live TV On Paramount+

Find Out How to Watch Live TV On Paramount+

By camilaforero

We are seeing more and more innovations in many fields, especially in entertainment and the platforms to watch programs on television or mobile devices. Paramount Plus, despite being a new platform in the world of streaming applications, has begun to compete with the big platforms that are on the market. This platform offers more than 30,000 intriguing titles, plus innovative features like data savers, multiple profiles, download options and much more at reasonable prices for all users who want to subscribe.

Lately, the Paramount+ platform has included the Live TV option, which is a great step for this platform to continue growing and having many more subscribers, since this attracts a lot of public attention. However, many users still do not know about this option that Paramount+ offers, so here we will see and answer some questions that everyone may have, and in case you do not have a Paramount+ subscription yet, you can choose one of the plans that Paramount+ offers you.

What is Live TV on Paramount+?

In 2021 CBS changed its name to Paramount+ and in this way brought a variety of innovative features to the platform, Live TV being one of these. With this option you can see live news with local updates, as well as enjoy some sports such as soccer, hockey, tennis, golf, among others and also live broadcast.

This option offered by the platform is very different from the options offered by other streaming platforms. It also gives an advantage to users who like to keep up with live sports and news.

How much does Live TV cost on Paramount+?

This option offered by Paramount+, Live TV has two plans that are affordable for users who are interested in purchasing it. The first plan option is ‘Essential Plan’ which is priced at $4.99 per month and will give you access to Live TV and other features, however this plan comes with ads included while you watch the content.

The second plan option is ‘Premium Plan’, this is priced at $10/month and most of the content you can find without ads. Also, if you decide to pay for a year in advance, this plan will cost $100/year, with which you can save a little.

Where is Paramount+ Live TV available?

This option is only found in certain regions, such as the US, Australia, Canada, Italy, Latin America, the Middle East (it’s like a pay TV channel here), the Nordics, the UK, and Ireland.

How do I access Paramount Plus Live TV?

It is very easy to access Live TV on Paramount+, you can use any device that is compatible and follow three steps, also with these steps you can find the SEC and NFL on CBS. Let’s see the steps:

  1. You must log in to the official website or the Paramount Plus app from your device.
  2. Then, once you have entered your session, you must click on ‘LIVE TV’, you will find the option at the top of the screen.
  3. To finish, you just have to choose the channel you want to see and that’s it, you can now enjoy the live content.

What to watch on Paramount+ Live TV?

At the moment there are only a few live TV stations, which are four stations, where you can find live news and sports. Let’s see what they are:

Local CBS station

You can find CBS stations, you can watch news and sports, including the SEC and NFL on CBS. CBS may not be available in all regions, but don’t worry, there are still a few more stations.


Here you will find 24-hour coverage with news on topics related to sports, entertainment and finance.

CBS Sports HQ

For those who love sports, this station is dedicated to sports news 24/7, as well as has deep analysis reports and reviews to the audience. But it does not include the live sporting events at the moment.

ET Live

This station is a collaboration between CBS Interactive and the popular news magazine Entertainment Tonight, where you can find 24/7 broadcasts of the latest fashion trends, awards ceremonies, among other related content.

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