Made by Google: New Hardware Design Podcast

Made by Google: New Hardware Design Podcast

By Valentina Tuta

Have you ever wondered what goes into the design of your phone’s camera? How to keep your personal information secure on your mobile device Or what does it mean to build a sustainable tech device? 

Well, all these details have been explained in the new Made by Google podcast, which aims to explore the latest thinking and design ideas behind Google’s devices. So in this note, we’ll cover a little about what Google podcasts are and what Rachid Finge, a former TV journalist, has to tell us in this first episode.

What is a Google Podcast?

Google Podcast was born as an initiative that facilitates the discovery and playback of podcasts on Google services. Nevertheless, the operation of this app is not based on the development of podcasts itself, but more like a directory where you can search for your favorite podcasts and enable playback.

In addition, you also have the possibility of uploading your own programs, if you already have files of this type. As you can see, by using Google’s podcast application, users will receive content suggestions aligned with their preferences. It will be very easy for more people to get to know you, and you will be able to increase your popularity.

However, there are some requirements you should take into account before publishing a podcast on Google:

  • The RSS feed must be free and without blocking tags so that Google can read it without problems. 
  • You must have at least one episode. 
  • The audio format must be compatible with other platforms. 
  • You must have a cover image for the podcast. 
  • Follow the Google Podcasts guidelines. 
  • Always use HTTPS addresses to avoid negative experiences between users.

First episode

To start, Finge discusses how excited he is to be back sharing thoughts and commentary with fellow Googlers who, like him, find the how, what, and why of topics such as phone cameras, security, sustainability, smart homes, and wearable devices exciting.

Thus, the first episode is about how the phone camera went from being a fairly useless feature to one of the most important tools we all rely on on a daily basis. 

Finge spoke with Isaac Reynolds, Pixel camera product manager, about the evolution of the phone camera and what he predicts for the future and they engaged in a comfortable chat where they took pictures, learned about videos and even revealed their favorite features of the latest models in the Pixel family: the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Also, Rachid told us that because Isaac is a professional photographer, throughout the show he offered some unexpected photographic insights and tips. Thus, if you’re a photography fan, you’re sure to find this podcast a lot more fun.

Where can I watch it?

Missed the first episode and don’t know how to watch the others? No problem! To listen to and subscribe to future episodes, simply search for Made by Google wherever you get your podcasts and they will appear there.

Remember that new episodes will be released every week, and by the way, for the next installment, we’ll get the answers to questions about mobile security: do we really need to worry about cybercrime? How does Google design devices to protect the people who use them? What steps should we take to protect ourselves?

In short, it is a topic that concerns us all, because cybersecurity is important and it never hurts to know how professionals are in charge of dealing with it with the help of the technology they themselves design. Besides, who knows, maybe in the meantime, they can give you some tips to protect the files on your mobile devices, so don’t miss it!

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