Microsoft Integrates ChatGPT Into Bing Search Engine

Microsoft Integrates ChatGPT Into Bing Search Engine

By auroraoddi

Revolutionary Update: Bing Unveils the Future of Search with ChatGPT Integration.
You won’t Believe What it Can Do!

After a massive multi-billion dollar investment in Open AI, the creators of ChatGPT, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft wants to integrate AI into many of its products. The Seattle giant is expected to use ChatGPT in its office suite, including its Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint software.
However, it is also known that Microsoft is planning to keep up with Google by improving the performance of its Bing search engine. An important update is expected to be released in early spring, and has already been previewed by a user.

ChatGPT in the New Version of Bing

Owen Yin, a student and designer, declared on Twitter that he had seen the “new Bing”. He had simply set Bing as the homepage on Microsoft’s Edge browser, and the new user interface suddenly appeared. “After a few minutes, it stopped working… My jaw dropped when I realized what I was looking at!”, he explained.
Fortunately, Yin was able to briefly test the system and shared more details about the integration in a post on Medium. He notes that the chatbot could not only answer questions, but also interact conversationally.

Traditional search results are still present, but a tab has been added that allows the user to start a chat with the ChatGPT tool by typing messages up to 1000 characters. Another important point is that the new Bing is also able to cite its sources. This would be great news, as AI has often been criticized for not always providing accurate and truthful information. It remains to be seen when Microsoft will officially roll out this functionality to all users.

If Microsoft has already taken a step ahead of its competitors, Google could easily counterattack next week. Big G has announced an AI-focused event where it is expected to present many important new developments for its search engine and Maps.