New console launch

New console launch

By dayannastefanny

PS5 was one of the most anticipated releases and after this rumors have come out that a new beta version of the PS5 software operating system will be released that will support 1440p, game lists and will have new improvements in its design, connection, and new updates.

But this beta test will have unlimited access for both countries and for the same users, and for this reason, is that they are selected, community participants who are selected should receive an invitation at the end of the year to participate, in the mail will come to the information when it is available for download and as well as clarifies that it is a beta version could have changes or improvements for the final version.

What features could this new console have?
1. It will have new game options where you will be able to customize the game.
2. It will have a 1440p HDMI video output, which will make the video outputs allow players to choose the visual settings, in addition to adding visual settings on PC monitors and TVs better quality, making the native resolution much higher.
3. In the case of playing 4K games you will be able to get good native resolution results and benefit from anti-aliasing.
4. You will have a new system configuration and will be able to verify if the device supports 1440p output.
5. It will be possible to create a game list which will organize the games much easier, and you can create the folder to start with, select the tab named [Your collection] and select [Create game list] and you should choose the games you want to add to your game list and finally you should give a name to the folder. In this folder, you can save up to 100 games and create 15 game folders, including disc and streaming titles.
6. All the games in the tab will appear in “Your collection”.
7. One of the new updates is that now you will be able to listen to stereo and 3D audio, and you will be able to choose your preferred configuration or one that fits your needs.
8. You will have easier access in progress.
9. At the time of resuming the game and different activities you will be able to see the process in the highlights at the top of the game center.
10. The social features of screen sharing and group members will be able to start and share screens to watch the game, you can select some member to send the request, and then you must request screen sharing.
11. There will be a notification to be able to join a group, most likely you can do the same as in discord which will be able to show you when a player is playing or when a new member joins.
12. You will be able to see the profiles of new friends before being accepted with the friend request.
13. You will be able to send stickers and voice messages in Game base.
14. It will be possible to send stickers and voice messages in groups with the Game Base card.

Although there may be some changes for the beta version and the final version, it is good that the participants approve or recommend the new functions of the consoles, to be able to offer the best always.

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