New Minecraft updates

New Minecraft updates

By dayannastefanny

Minecraft is a game of life. Since 2011, Mojang surprises us with endless updates to keep alive this world of the box, the best-selling game in history.

One of the most outstanding statistics is the percentage of other elements that appear in the game. The possibilities are endless, so we bring you below 10 rare things you can find in Vanilla Minecraft (without modifications).

What’s new in the update?

New mob generation eggs

Coinciding with the Java edition, Bedrock now has generation eggs for Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem, and Wither mobs, but they can only be accessed through commands. Saddles, horse armor, and flame mats now work as they do in Java, Crimson and Warped block sets have unique sounds, pressure plates have different sound tones, Frogspawn maps, bed block map colors now match Java, and so on. Those changes (and many others) should help make the two editions look a little more alike.

Other changes to blocks and other features

Microsoft is also testing some new experimental features, building on the changes introduced in the November 19.50 update. You can now make 9 bamboo in a bamboo block, and using an axe will turn it into a peeled bamboo block. You can also turn the blocks into planks, like wooden blocks, giving you more options for decoration. The update also consists of dozens of bug fixes that affected touch controls, blocks, V-sync settings, the Android version, and Realms. If you don’t have any of the Bedrock versions yet you can visit the official Minecraft website to get one.

  1. leftovers

Let’s start the scale with something “general”: Leftovers This is one of the most difficult buildings in the game. They grow in the desert and swamps between 40 and 49 degrees, however, only a few players can boast of finding these bones and charcoal, as they will always be hidden.

  1. cactus

Before we think about it, let’s be clear: These are not ordinary cacti, but terry. This plant is only found in the desert and can grow up to three blocks. However, they can be created at the beginning of the game, one on top of the other, that is, suddenly, the game required 2 or more cacti to be in the same place. Anyway, we will get a length of 12 blocks. It’s fun.

  1. Farlands

The farmlands, the boundary of Minecraft located at about 30 million blocks as a barrier marking the end of the map. So great is the challenge of reaching this limit that Notch, the original creator of Minecraft, gave US$ 1000 to the first person to reach it. At that time, they were about 12 million blocks away, which is equivalent to more than 12 million blocks.

  1. Minecraft

And since we mention Notch, we must talk about an easter egg that he left on the main screen of the game. It is known that the phrases under the title are changing, however, what no one expected was that the name of the game itself is different and that Notch was responsible for 0.1% of the times you start Minecraft, this changed its title to “Minecraft”.

  1. Use

A generator egg is used by left-clicking on any surface with it in your hand. When you use it, the creature will appear and will automatically emit a sound characteristic of it.

These eggs are not thrown (unlike normal eggs); instead, the player has a distance limit to act. Hostile and neutral creatures (except wolves, polar bears, pandas, dolphins, llamas, bees, vindicators, evokers, shuckers, zoglins, Hollins, gross piggins (only in BE) and piggins) generated in “Peaceful” difficulty appear and disappear from the world immediately. Priority is given to the surface of solid blocks to generate the creatures, but if there are none nearby, they can also appear in the water.

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