Minecraft: Realms Plus in November

Minecraft: Realms Plus in November

By camilaforero

The new Realms Plus additions for this month have a special theme in Minecraft, this time we can have things that scare me, also we can find survival maps and death-defying drops and you can also discover 17 new pieces of content while playing the new version of Realms Plus.

101Droppers by Diamond Studios

With this map you can feel a lot of adrenaline, the dizzyingly imaginative map where you have to do jumps that will give you goosebumps, after reaching the water pond part you can find the diamond block to continue. There are 101 different levels in 101Droppers and there are bonus levels to explore as well as ten different themes in the levels.

SkyWars by CubeCraft Games

More terrifying than jumping from great heights is definitely falling from them, the game offers an epic adventure where you can jump through very high mazes, keep your balance, parkour between high blocks and you can even challenge your friends in battles through the clouds. Also, you can unlock cosmetics and accumulate points as you play. Let’s click here to find the game. 

You can also see:

One Block Lucky Block by Kubo Studios offers you the opportunity to play from floating islands and have lots of fun at high altitudes this month.

World Builder by Blockception

With this map you can design and build your own city, you can also add vehicles, furniture, skyscrapers and more. Also, you can choose between more than 200 buildings and five city plots so that you can have a metropolis created by yourself, and you can spend a lot of time working on creating your own city. Check the game by clicking here.

Nuclear Craft – Desert City by Goe-Craft

This map allows you to enter a survival adventure in the desert, you can have your first adventure on the surface of the Overworld, there weeds have started to grow through the pavement and something may be wrong with the place, so So you can follow the story of the game trying to survive, avoiding traps, mutated enemies and also toxic dangers.

Also find:

Daybreak by The Misfit Society, for more survival adventures.

How to Live Inside a Snowman? by The Craft Stars

Here you will find a secret village in the North Pole and you will live among many snowmen. In the game you can challenge your friends to snowball wars, you can also wear different costumes with new masks. Other activities you can do on the map are sliding under the ice, or also setting up a camp in one of the extensive underground bases, you can find many unique things on the map.

You can also go to:

Snow-vember, another map to continue with fun frozen games.

Pastel Craft by Goe-Craft

With this pack you can have textures that paint each block, mob and element with a new pastel palette, it is an ideal map for role-playing games, which includes a pack of ten HD skins and where you can also create a modern city or a retro kingdom to your liking.

More texture packs:

You can go to Glorious Texture Pack by Giggle Block Studios, Adventure Texture Pack by Blockception and Allegro by Pixel Squared and find those texture packs for this month.

Skin Packs for This Month

With over 12 skins included you can mix beats, party, rock and reinvent your mobs as a DJ. In this skin pack you can dress up your avatar with amazing skins or wear an 8-bit Mobs skin.

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