New Updates Arrive to Google +

New Updates Arrive to Google +

By dayannastefanny

Google Plus is a social tool that allows you to organize your contacts online. Where you can upload your photos and videos to share with friends, join a video chat group to plan your next trip, or just hang out. You can also chat with them by “meeting” several friends.

Gmail may be just an email service for some, but it also serves as a hub for Google Workspace, with several integrated services such as Meet and Chat. The Gmail sidebar now has a new feature. Gmail’s Google Contacts sidebar, which you’ll find on the right side of the window, and apps like Google Tasks and Google Keep let you see your contacts right now. There is a new change that allows you to add new contacts and edit existing ones. Currently, the only way to do this is from your phone or through the Google Contacts website. It also allows you to do it quickly with Gmail.

How to improve contacts?

Since Google launched its social network, Google, almost a year ago, we have witnessed the gradual integration of this social layer into all Google services, acting as a link between all Mountain View services and providing a unified user experience. With this idea of further improving integration, various Google teams add improvements and new features to various services that precisely enhance Google’s presence, which in this context has also materialized in the current Gmail. In addition to the integration of Google Circles, we are improving the information we store about our contacts.

The truth is that keeping a well-updated and detailed contacts database is a task that not everyone performs with care, and over time our address book can become a flood of anonymous emails, even from people we do not even know. remember with the idea of improving searches and results, when we do a search where we write an email, Gmail returns us, in addition to the exchanged messages, a small file where we can see a photo of our contact, your phone. and some shortcuts to start a chat or video call Gtalk.

On the other hand, the Gmail team decided to improve the integration of the email service with Google Circles, a feature that was introduced last December. If we decide to choose one of our circles, for example, to filter messages, the photos of the members of the circle will appear at the top of the stack of messages, as direct access to search the messages of each contact and logically to your personal. File where we can see their information. Social circles become a filter in Gmail and therefore we can filter messages by prefixing the name of the circle with “circle:” and typing it in the search field of the service.

  • Add and share things.

Many images are sent by email, but sharing images with friends on Google requires downloading images from Gmail and uploading them to your profile. But not anymore, now you can share images attached to your email with a quick click. The images are uploaded to Google Photos and can only be viewed by the social circles you have chosen to share them with.

  • Keep your contact information up to date.

Entering contact information manually can be a time-consuming task, so let your social network do it for you. If your contacts have a Google profile, your Gmail contacts will automatically update with the profile information you’ve shared. This information can include phone numbers, email addresses, and more. If they change anything in the future, they will automatically receive these updates. They can also make sure the people they care about keep their information up to date by updating their Google profile and sharing it with them.

What are the benefits of Google Contacts?

Quickly send messages to the groups of people you communicate with most often without having to enter their addresses. With Google Contacts, you can easily keep all your contacts in one place and communicate with multiple people at the same time. Being synchronized in the cloud, you can access your agenda from any device, at any time and from anywhere. This makes it impossible for you not to have the phone or email you need at the key moment at hand. In short, it is a key help to move in the world of work.

How do export contacts?

Exporting data from Gmail or Google Address Book can be useful for several reasons: not only does it allow you to move contacts to other email programs, but it also creates a fully functional export file that acts as a backup of your address book. For example, if you lose access to your Google account or accidentally delete data, you can always re-import your contacts using the file. The fastest way to export Gmail contacts is as follows:

  • Open the Google Contacts page and sign in with your personal Google account
  • If you want to export only some contacts, highlight them with the left mouse button
  • If you want to export all of them, skip this step
  • Click the “Export” button in the menu on the left
  • Indicate whether you want to export the contacts as a CSV file from Google or Outlook, or optionally as a vCard (to add them later to Apple applications) by selecting the appropriate option. Click “Export” again
  • In the pop-up window, select the desired location and press “Save” to start exporting contacts from Gmail or Google address book

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