Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Battles

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Battles

By camilaforero

Samsung phones with the passing of time have become very popular among the users, mostly because of its cutting edge features. Now one of the most popular series of devices is the Galaxy S23 series as it specially boasts a 200-megapixel main camera on its top-tier Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Also this series and Samsung devices have become more popular among users because they have many discounts that are very generous, and even the operators in the US. along with Samsung are eager to have new customers thanks to these discounts.

Deals are about to dry up

It has been seen that many of the wireless carriers have been essentially subsidizing smartphone prices for the past few years, especially on top-tier smartphones so that customers can sign up for extended contracts of three years or more.

How does it help the customers?

People who subscribe to contracts with wireless carriers may be able to buy more expensive phones thanks to the options these companies give them, this has caused the purchase of cheaper phones to decline more and more.

The wireless carriers 

There are companies like Verizon and AT&T, who said that they will reduce their promotional discounts for phones in the future, this will cause a shake-up in the dynamics of the telephone operators. These potential shake ups could have a big impact on whether US consumers still view top-of-the-line phones across all brands as a good buy. On the other hand, thanks to this, Samsung has felt the impact that this produces on its sales.

What they say:

We found what IDC research director Nabila Popal mentioned, who also pointed to Samsung’s president and head of mobile experience, T.M. Roh told Reuters about the company’s focus on selling high-end phones in developed and emerging markets.

“It’s even more concerning for Samsung, as they are leaning on premium devices growth to navigate through the tough road ahead.” 

The prices

Consumers aren’t getting a bad deal with the new Galaxy S23 phones, with prices for the devices starting at $800 for the base model and going up to $1,200 for the S23 Ultra.

Also, we can see that the prices are in line with last year’s models, which was a very smart thing on Samsung’s part. For this reason, consumers are paying the same for a better chipset and cameras in phones with more features.

“If they decrease, it would definitely have a negative impact on the industry,” that’s what Popal mentions, as more expensive phones continue to attract consumers due to carrier-backed trade-in offers and promotions.

Other companies

On the other hand we also find Apple, which faces completely different challenges. We found that iPhone sales fell 8% during the holiday season, this was partly due to COVID-19 lockdowns and also due to protests in parts of China where Apple phones are made. All of this led to a supply shortage of the company’s top-tier iPhone 14 Pro series.

Turning to Samsung, Roh was optimistic that the challenging economy could be the time for expensive phones to shine, as the challenge will continue to be convincing people that their phones are worth the high cost without so many carrier discounts softening the price tag. blow to consumers’ wallets.

“An expected portfolio expansion of 5G and foldable smartphones throughout 2023 will help Samsung consolidate revenue growth and sustain leadership in a contracting market,” said David McQueen, who is the director of research at global technology intelligence firm ABI Research. So the S23 phones will help Samsung stay competitive until its next series of devices arrives, which may be new versions of its Z line of foldable devices.

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