Say Goodbye to YouTube Ads with the Google Chrome Adblock Extension

Say Goodbye to YouTube Ads with the Google Chrome Adblock Extension

By Alex Balaniuc

Getting interrupted by an ad while watching a YouTube video can be very frustrating. The times when adverts were only relegated to the TV are long gone, unfortunately. YouTube ads are despised by users of the platform all around the world, because they abruptly break the flow of the video you’re peacefully enjoying. You could also get an ad at the start of the video, which, in my opinion, is usually less enraging than an ad placed in the middle of the content. But what truly makes ads insufferable is the fact that you can’t always skip them. There are ads you can skip after 5 seconds, but you might be unlucky and get a commercial break that lasts 15 or more seconds!

Is there a way to remove YouTube ads?




The Digital Age made us all impatient, we want to get things done as quickly as possible, and this includes watching YouTube videos without annoying inconveniences such as ads. Ads can take away a lot of your precious time, unless you’re genuinely interested in what is being advertised: the ads you see on YouTube are customized according to your search history, so you could have something interesting shown to you, after all. On the other hand, what if you just don’t care about getting ads and you want them to be gone for good? Is there a way to achieve this? The answer to that is yes: in this article, we’ll tell you how to get rid of YouTube ads with Adblock for YouTube!

What is Adblock for YouTube and what does it do?

Adblock is a Google Chrome ad blocking browser extension that removes all ads on YouTube by filtering content. When we say “all ads”, we mean that every type of ad that appears on your YouTube page – banners, ad-clips and preroll ads – gets removed. Here’s a list of things Adblock can do for you when you navigate the video-streaming platform:

– ads, banners and popups get blocked

– preroll ads (ads at the start of the video) aren’t allowed to play

– remove annotations included in videos (sometimes annotations appear automatically, and that can be annoying to some people)

– make YouTube faster and easier to process for your device

Adblock works by filtering and blocking external ad URLs on YouTube. Don’t worry, it won’t change anything on YouTube: it will only make it perform better! This extension is great also because it’s free to download, and it’s available in 50 languages.

Adblock privacy practices



Now, speaking on the matter of privacy, know that Adblock is a pretty trustworthy software. Once you installed the extension and agreed to the program policies, your data won’t be used or collected in any way (apart from what you agreed on). More specifically, Adblock’s publisher guarantees that your data:

 – will not be sold to third-party apps or companies, outside of the approved use cases

– won’t get used or transferred for purposes unrelated to the product’s core functionality

– won’t be used or transferred to determine creditworthiness, or for lending purposes


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