Some must-have Amazon Kindle features

Some must-have Amazon Kindle features

By Valentina Tuta

If you didn’t know, Amazon Kindle devices are among the best eReaders you can buy. Furthermore, they’re easy to use but if you really want to get the most out of your Kindle, there are some features you may not know about. This time, we’ll show you some of the best ones, but remember, there are a lot more; just be sure to take your time to discover them.

6 Amazon Kindle feature you should be using

Customize Text

Let’s start with something everyone really needs to know about. This is a very important aspect if you’re one of those users who really enjoy customizing their books, and actually, this is another of the advantages of using an eReader over a physician book.

It’s very simple, but it can make a big difference. To do so, just open a book and tap anywhere near the upper side of the screen to bring up the menu. There, you just need to tap the “Aa” icon to see the next options.

Switch to Dark Mode

There are some people that prefer to read in Dark mode. Thus, if that’s your mantra, you’ll be happy to know Kindle eReaders have dark mode, too. It’s super easy to toggle on and off. Just swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the “Dark Mode” icon.

Read in Landscape Mode

As the main purpose of eReaders is to provide you with the closest experience to reading a physical book, it makes sense they keep their default vertical orientation or “Portrait Mode”. However, you can now switch to horizontal “Landscape Mode” as well by going to the “Layout” tab in the text options while reading a book.

Add a Passcode

Perhaps your Kindle device doesn’t contain a lot of personal information (like a smartphone). Nonetheless, if you consider it’s necessary to have a little privacy, the passcode feature is an easy way to add a layer of security between the outside world and your library.

Borrow Books from Your Library for Free

This might be the best feature of Kindle devices. As you see, you can get free eBooks from your local library right on your Kindle, and all you need is a library card that works with a service called “OverDrive”.

As it’s a library, there are clearly some typical library limitations. In fact, there is not an infinite number of ebooks to rent, so it’s possible that you have to wait for your turn. And of course, don’t forget you must “return” the book after a certain amount of time. 

Free Up Storage Space

Kindles have enough storage space for hundreds or thousands of ebooks, but you may still run into storage issues—especially if you download a lot of audiobooks, which take up more space.

Fortunately, Amazon Kindle devices have a couple of useful ways to easily clear out some extra room. Actually, there’s a manual option and a “Quick Archive” feature, which will automatically remove items that have been downloaded from the cloud and not opened yet.

Final thoughts 

These are some of the must have Amazon Kindle features and, as you can see, this device usually offers a simple experience that doesn’t require much  tweaking, but if you’re a power user, there are some extra niceties to make the device go even further. Good luck!

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