The 40th-anniversary edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator

The 40th-anniversary edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator

By dayannastefanny

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulator and although its creator was SubLOGIC  in 1979 its release in Microsoft was in 1982 and so this year is its 40th anniversary and also wants to celebrate historical aviation for this reason a new version will be released.

What’s new in this version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 40?
1. On August 18, 2022, was released the first update of the cities which are five new German cities of photogrammetry: Hannover, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Bonn, and Cologne.
2. It will have new helicopters and gliders, such as the Wright Flyer of 1903, the Curtiss JN-4 Jenny of 1915, the Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis of 1927, the Douglas DC-3 of 1935, the beautiful Grumman G-21 Goose of 1937, the Havilland DHC-2 Beaver of 1947 and Hughes H-4 Hercules of 1947 (the largest seaplane and the largest wooden plane ever made), also known as Spruce Goose.
3. They will have a real aircraft, the sophisticated Airbus A-310, and on this one, you can maneuver the buttons just as if it were a real one.
4. You will be able to explore more than 3700 airports, and you will be able to see 1500 million buildings, in different cities.
5. It offers you weather conditions if it is day or night, wind direction, temperature, and humidity making the experience of flying much more real.
6. You will also be able to find light aircraft up to wide-body planes.
7. Your ability to handle an airplane will be much better because you will be able to fly with the most detailed and precise airplanes in the new generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator, so that you can feel and enjoy the experience more real.

How much does Microsoft Flight Simulator cost?

On platforms such as digital game Xbox xs Windows series and other downloadable platforms the price is 1,999 but by November 11, 2022, will be free for those people using Xbox Game pass, in-sim market, and for those who have Microsoft Flight Simulator can also download or get it for free for PC.

There are some problems with this simulator.

On many occasions, users merge this simulator with a game and it is worth noting that even the official website clarifies that it is a simulator if there are several versions of this and in some versions, it is more a game than a simulator itself as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator.

What do you need to know to use it?

In this new simulator is recommended Microsoft and that at least have an i5 of eighth generation with a GTX 970.

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