Tiktok and Its New Implementations to Improve the Information

Tiktok and Its New Implementations to Improve the Information

By dayannastefanny

A new TikTok announcement may finally convince some of the latter who haven’t logged on to the social network because they believe they can’t find useful information on their own. In honor of Pi Day, TikTok created a new tab called STEM, which contains only materials related to science, technology, and math. Videos related to the STEM hashtag have garnered more than 110 billion views, TikTok says. TikTok users know that its endless stream is a great collection of general information and educational videos, but it’s not hard to find those who consider TikTok an endless source of banal, meaningless, and wasteful material.

Implementation of a new feed for Information

The new feed is available with Followed and for Your tabs. It is currently only available in the U.S. and will take a few weeks to roll out. The content will be further enhanced to get it right. “Common Sense Networks” is dedicated to evaluating all content, which should always be trusted. TikTok’s plan is for the content to act as a “lens” and be particularly useful for “encouraging aspiring scientists to conduct experiments.”

It’s not all dances and effects demonstrations, where those interested in natural sciences or mathematics will start to have their own informative space within TikTok. We will see if other thematic channels such as sports or fashion will eventually arrive, as they are currently being tested in some markets and compete more closely with other specific platforms. Amid speculation, who knows if it will try to eclipse Twitter with the video content in the future.

From “Tik Tok”, they created TikTok for Goods, which highlights good hashtags for society. There we find #EduTok, which aims to learn/teach through the social network that we have heard so much about in recent months. @a3noticias we keep an eye on the main accounts of the moment and promote the proper use of social networks at all times.

Online content consumption is evolving rapidly. Both teachers and those who want to learn to know it. This happened with the emergence of YouTube, and now we can see it and confirm it with the success of the most popular social network among the youngest, “Tik Tok”.

Explaining the neural network in one minute

While the idea of teaching begins to take hold in TikTok, another space that is also beginning to appear is scientific dissemination, including complex topics that you think are difficult to explain in a minute and within the limits of a social network. In the US you can check out the NASA account for news on science and technology. Also the case of Carlos Santana, better known as DotCSV, who has become one of the great promoters of artificial intelligence in Spain. Yes, and he talks about neural networks, algorithms, “machine learning” and concepts such as “reinforcement learning” online.

“I started there in September as a new introduction to the test and to attract new followers to my main site, which is YouTube. A place where you can upload simple content and also easily copy it to Twitter and Instagram. But the response exceeded all expectations”

says Santana. In just a few months he has accumulated more than 300,000 followers and 3 million likes.

Algorithmic recommendation

The scare of combining a social network with type and something he knows well: algorithmic recommendation. It’s similar to The YouTube System, but it goes a step further and it shows. Suddenly, in a matter of hours, your video can go from 1,000 to 100,000 views, even if you don’t have many followers. Of course, it’s good because it helps spread the virus, but it also makes us all try to see how to do it right and not be a draw. Santana has videos that exceed one million plays and other things.

He believes this is key to TikTok and encourages him to follow and pay more attention to the care given to the creators.

“Look, we come from networks like Facebook or Instagram, where nobody cares about the authors, the parameters change suddenly and you have to do it constantly. fight with the platform.  TikTok has from the first moment when you have people behind you that help you, that defend the exposure and you realize that the care is there. Of course, they also benefit by attracting more brands and money”

he says. For example, they flagged his verified account and put him in the creator’s program (the only way to directly monetize the content he uploads there), because they put so much emphasis on advertisers.  As for how much time he has, he says he can devote about two to three hours to TikTok, which helps him combine it with more detailed content on YouTube or other spaces.

“Finally, it’s content that you can download at any time, that you can also copy easily and that allows you to position yourself, as I say, on a growing site that is still relatively easy to grow. Of course, you make very little money with TikTok, a few hundred euros over several months, but the idea is to position yourself, use it as an introduction, and explore more”

he emphasizes.

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