Top 9 Linux tools for engineers

Top 9 Linux tools for engineers

By dayannastefanny

There is GNU/Linux for engineers, developers, hackers, teachers, musicians, developers, for those who want the best Linux for programs, gamers, and for everyone. GNU/Linux. The number of distributions available is enormous and sometimes the most difficult thing is not to face it but to choose the most suitable one. In this compilation, we will not write them all, because it is impossible, but it is very important.

what tools do you need to know how to use?


Top and ps can show the memory and CPU utilization for each process, but they do not provide information about storage consumption. For that, you will have to use a tool like df, which shows the amount of storage used by various file systems.


DDD or Data Visualization Debugger is another good option to debug modern and complex software. It is not a ‘debugger’ itself, but a framework for several powerful debuggers such as GDB, XDB, and DBX. A great tool that allows developers to monitor running programs and provide features such as machine configuration, hypertext browsing, remote host debugging, and more. DDD is an official GNU project. Therefore, you can use it without encountering the usual problems faced by other debuggers.


Ps is one of the simplest but essential tools in Linux. The list guides the process and can provide information to make decisions about it. This is useful if you want to know if the process is still running or to resolve the reason why it stopped responding. In modern environments, the ps command is very useful to find out why devices do not boot or stop working.


The distribution is based on Debian 7 Wheezy and is designed to solve problems on Linux and Windows systems. Problems that can be solved include problems created by the GRUB boot loader or the Windows MBR. It can also navigate the Linux file system.

Trinity Rescue Kit

This distribution is designed to restore the Microsoft Windows operating system. If Windows has problems and won’t boot, this distro will get you out of trouble. It includes several antivirus scanners such as Clam AV, F-Prot, BitDefender, Vexira, and Avast. It also has tools for cleaning temporary files and junk files, password recovery (Winpass), and other advanced functions.


It can serve many purposes, but it is undoubtedly the undisputed leader of the program. Debian is a developer’s paradise, backed by a large supportive community. With many development tools included in the packages, they are quickly redeemed.


the Docker CLI tool, which can be called by typing docker in most Linux distributions, is no longer required to run containers in production. Instead, many ITOps teams use solutions such as Kubernetes, which run containers without starting and managing each one per command, as you would with Docker.

CEELD (Cyler’s Electronics Engineering Linux Distro)

The distribution is based on SuSE and built with the SuSE Studio tool. For this reason, it can be called SuSE open to include many electronic engineering tools. Some of them are used in circuit modeling, technical drawing, VHDL, electronic calculations, schematic design, etc.


Another solution is to have history record the command history for each user, so if you ran a command as root but are already logged in as another user, you will need to switch to root to find the correct command history.

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