How to update Firefox to the latest release

How to update Firefox to the latest release

By carolc

Mozilla Corporation keeps its line of browsers as Firefox among its most pampered. As in any browser, the updates are constant and with them bring improvements in their functionability and especially in security breaches carefully studied in the previous version. So it is always recommended to update the application. Sometimes these updates don’t arrive in the estimated time and end up taking a long time, so there are paths that allow you to force the update.

Upgrading to the latest version of Firefox, it is a simple process, it is convenient to remember the methods to update it.

Firefox for PC update

The mozilla browser is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. This version of Firefox can be updated in two ways, one of them is through the browser itself and the other is by downloading and then installing the latest version that is obtained on the mozilla page.

From the browser

The usual is that the browser itself searches for its own updates, as it is programmed for this purpose. But eventually you can force the search yourself, at any time and thus verify that you have the latest version. To do this, open the “Help” menu and click on “About Firefox”. In the pop-up window where the current version of the browser is displayed, you will see if it is updated and what its version is, the same browser will perform a search to check if there are any current updates.

If your browser gets a recent version, it will download automatically and it will install on its own, you only have to wait for it to finish and restart the browser for the installation to complete.

From their website

The second update option is through its download page, where you can download the installer of a more up-to-date version. You should take into account which operating system you manage and the language in which you want to use the browser.

The first thing is to locate the language in which you want Firefox to be downloaded and then the operating system where you installed the new version. It is always advisable to use the 64-bit version, but if you do not have a machine that supports it, you can opt for the 32-bit version. Once you have downloaded the installer, you must run the downloaded file and run it to start the installation, which you will need to do about the version you have on your computer. This installation will modify the functions of the browser as such, but will not modify your settings. In fact it will keep your bookmarks and browsing history as well as your personal information.

Update Firefox from iOS and Android

Now if you want to update the mobile version of Firefox, there are also two ways to do this. It can be done through its official operating system store and once there, download the APK of the latest version, which is only available if your device uses Android.

The store

Most commonly, the applications will be updated through its official store, Firefox included. Usually the store itself looks for updated versions of the applications that are installed on the device constantly and often installs them automatically, with the respective permission or at least you have already configured it for that purpose. For Android devices, the store is called Google Play and for IOS it’s called the App Store

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