How to contact the Apple Support

How to contact the Apple Support

By carolc

The technology giant Apple, makes a technical support team available to all its users. This support team can be contacted by various means, with the idea that you can have the help you require in a timely manner.

On the other hand, and taking into account that its users are located around the world, Apple has easily accessible websites with content in different languages.

On these websites you can find access to a detailed guide to the most common problems, and how to fix them on your own. Likewise, they offer all the necessary information so that you can contact a specialist technician by phone, or to generate a web request for help.

Tips before contacting Apple support

It is important and it will be of great help to you that before calling Apple’s support team, you have the serial number of the product you want to consult on hand.

How to obtain the serial number of a product

Depending on the Apple product you have, you can find its serial number as follows:

  • On the surface or external part of the product.
  • If it is a Mac, you must go to the Apple menu and select “About this Mac”.
  • To find the serial number on an iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod touch or Apple Watch, go to Settings> General> Information.
  • If your product syncs with your personal computer, you can find it in Finder or iTunes.

Other options

In case you do not have the product with you or it does not turn on, you can do the following:

  • Find the original packaging of the product, and look at the barcode to find the serial number.
  • Another alternative is to find the serial number of the product on the original invoice or purchase receipt.

How to contact Apple support

Once you have the serial number of your product at your disposal, you can contact Apple’s technical support team over the phone.

Contact support by phone

Apple provides you with a phone number so you can make the queries you require. Here is a link per region, so that you can have the number that corresponds to you according to your room address.

Please note that most of the phone numbers listed only work if you are calling from the same region or area.

If your country or region does not appear in the previous list, you have other options.

How to contact Apple support from the web

If for some reason you cannot contact the technical staff of Apple by phone, then you can choose to contact them through their website.

Apple has a web support section, for its users to make a request with all the details of the help they require. You just have to go to the following URL:

Once you enter the indicated website, you can make the query you want. This request will be answered as soon as possible, so you will receive the corresponding response, or you will be put in contact with a specialist.

As soon as you have a problem with any of your Apple devices, you can contact the expert technicians to provide you with the answers and solutions you are looking for. Do not hesitate and leave your problem in the hands of the experts.

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