How to monetize websites with Adsense

How to monetize websites with Adsense

By carolc

AdSense has become a great income tool for website owners. This platform represents a very easy, practical and also free way to earn money by presenting ads on your website.

With AdSense you have the possibility to show your audience attractive and interesting ads. You can also configure the appearance of these publications, so that they harmonize with your site.

What are the salient features of AdSense?

One of the most relevant aspects of this program is that it offers you advertisements published by Google Ads. In this way, Google is responsible for paying you for the ads that you have promoted on your website, according to the number of clicks they have received, or the impression thereof. These payment criteria vary depending on the type of ad.

On the other hand, AdSense gives you access to a rich source of advertisers. In other words, you will have access to a considerable number of brands, companies or products, competing to publish on your website.

How to monetize your website with AdSense?

Google AdSense has been created to give web page owners a way to earn money from their content.

The platform matches the advertisements with your website, taking into account both the content and the type of visitors. That is, if your website talks about sportswear, then AdSense will offer to show ads for brands or sports products.

On the other hand, advertisers are the ones who are responsible for creating and paying for the ads to promote their services or products. You must bear in mind that advertisers pay different prices for each ad, so your profit may vary.

Step to follow to earn money with AdSense

  1. Have your advertising spaces available: this is achieved by pasting the ad code in the key spaces of your website. That is, in the places where you want the ads to appear.
  2. The highest paying ads appear on your site: a bid is made in real time among advertisers, to show their promotions on your website. Those who have won the bid are the ones who will present their ads on your page.
  3. You get paid: AdSense handles the entire billing process for advertisers. In this way, they guarantee timely payment at all times.

Things to consider when using AdSense

There are several aspects that you must take into account when making money with AdSense:

  • The AdSense program is responsible for automatically publishing the ads on your website. This is done taking into account that the ads are oriented to your content and your audience.
  • AdSense implements an auction of ads to choose those that will be shown on your pages. They are the ads that pay the most, the ones that will be published on your site.
  • Once the ads have been published on your website, you will be able to view them but you will not be able to click on them. The Google platform does not allow you to click on your own ads.
  • AdSense allows you to block any ad that you do not want to appear on your website.
  • If you want to register on the platform, you can do so from this link. Once you have registered, your site will be evaluated to validate that it complies with the AdSense policies.
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