How to set up the Alipay Account and Alipay Bonus?

How to set up the Alipay Account and Alipay Bonus?

By carolc

In the Republic of China, bills are becoming less and less seen on the streets to pay for something. There are many establishments that when you pay for a product and take out a bills, stay as pensive and this happens because they possibly do not have to return you chance back, you can even show when taking a taxi, drivers reject wrinkled or unhealthy bills and instead demand a mobile payment for their services.

Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, are well-known mobile payment platforms, especially for users who use devices with the Android operating system. In the last year, new platforms have been developed that have joined the mobile payments market and one that sounds a lot is Alipay, which joins the giants of this field.

That’s why we’ll tell you its Alipay, like opening an account. Since it’s quite possible that it’s a platform that you’ll start to see a lot in mobile payments markets around the world.

What is Alipay?

It is a platform that allows you to make virtual mobile payments, it is a product developed by Alibaba group. Since its launch in 2004, it has become the most widely used mobile payment platform in all of China. Currently collaborating with more than 65 financial institutions worldwide, this system is very secure and above all easy to use to others of the security it implements for the protection of its users’ transactions.

It is very easy to open an account in Alipay, you can make it from your Smartphone, through the application. It allows you to link different payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, also has a bonus system to make your payments, a kind of wallet or coupons that you buy to exchange them for money or some product.

How to create an Alipay account?

The Alipay app could be compared to PayPal, only it is most popular on the Asian continent because it is the largest virtual payment app in the region. This platform will help you make payments in many parts of the world. We recommend you check the places before you travel, which is sure that throughout Asia it is very popular.

First step

You must enter the Alipay homepage through this link: Alipay Official. Once inside, in the blue section you will find two links, click on “Aliexpress”, then enter the Aliexpress page and click “Join”. After that you will arrive at the account registration screen on Aliexpress. In case you already own an account, it will be easier, or you could use a Facebook account, otherwise click “Join Free now”.

Second step

On this screen, you must enter your email details and your personal data, such as first name, last name and will ask you to create a password. And then you will need to confirm the code you will find before confirming your account. This record will be valid for Aliexpress as well.

Third step

Once you have clicked create your account, on the next screen you will need to verify your email, via a warm welcome as a second verification, to validate that it really is you. This will redirect you to a tab approving the account creation request.

Fourth step

When you log in to the account, it will ask you to enter a phone number that is verifiable, where they will send you a code via SMS, then you will enter it on the page and your number will be confirmed.

Fifth step

Once registration is complete, the account will be successfully created. Once you enter the page for the first time, Alipay gives you $3 coupons, which are the famous bonuses they award.

Alipay Bonus

It is a methodology adopted by Aliexpress to manage your payment methods in a secure manner. With this bonus you are entitled to a number of coupons to buy on different sites.

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