How to set up Amazon Music on Alexa Dot

How to set up Amazon Music on Alexa Dot

February 12, 2021 By carolc

Quoting, Nietzsche: “Life without music would be a mistake”, the advances in the music industry speak for itself, is that every corner of our daily life is surrounded by music and technology has helped us to keep it more present every day. You imagine being in your vehicle and don’t have music that accompanies you on your tour, you imagine that you can’t lift your spirits with that song that you love so much or that awakens your emotions or that you simply can’t dedicate it to a loved one.

That’s why music makes human existence more enjoyable and technology is on the side of humanity. Thanks to many advances, today we can enjoy unlimited options to access the music we love so much and Amazon offers us one of those options through its artificial intelligence devices. We’ll show you how to set up Amazon Music on your Alexa device.

There are three versions of the Amazon Music service

  • Amazon Music Free
  • Amazon prime Music
  • Amazon Music without Limit

Amazon Music Free

Is the music streaming platform available to all Amazon account holders. Allows you to play songs from playlists and radio stations for free, even on Echo devices

Amazon Prime Music

As its name suggests, is the music streaming platform included in the Amazon Prime subscription, offering access to 2 million songs in its repertoire.

Amazon Music Unlimited

The “full” version of Amazon Music independent of the Prime service. This platform offers the possibility to listen to more than 60 million songs (compared to 2 million Prime Music), themed playlists and personalized radio stations, without any advertising.

How to set up Amazon Music on Alexa Dot

With music on our side, things can be nicer and more bearable, it’s great that through Alexa, we can be connected to Amazon Music, we’ll show you how.

If you already own an Amazon account and own an Echo dot, you certainly already own the service. Either Prime Music or Amazon Music free, it will already be active on your device and you only have to activate it with the corresponding voice commands, such as: “Alexa, play Amazon Music”. Alexa will choose a station that she think you would like based on the data she have collected from the music you purchased through Amazon.

But if you haven’t started installing your echo dot yet, let’s set it up.


Download the Amazon Alexa app to your smart device, whether it’s a phone or tablet that supports Android or iOS.


Once the software is installed, run it and enter your Amazon account details on the screen, tap the Sign In buttons, and then Next, so you’ll start setting up a new device.


Select the model and version of your Echo speaker. Once you choose the model, the light ring of the device will change to orange, at that time you will have to connect to the WiFi network that emits the echo dot.


Once you get the connection, tap the “Yes” button, and start setting the device’s access and location. Then tap the Echo name to navigate to a more specific setting.


You must connect the Echo dot to your WiFi network, enter the password, ask if you want to connect the speaker to an external device or if you use the one that comes with it.


Then tap your name on the Echo and verify your personal data, authorizations and verification of your phone number.


Now to finish, tap the “Confirm” button, then press “Go to Home Screen”. Once your device is set up and ready to be used, tapping the next button will take you to a list of commonly used commands.

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