We Explain you the Ending Of “Jung_E”

We Explain you the Ending Of “Jung_E”

By julianapardogonzalez

This time instead of talking to recommend a series, we will talk about a specific series and especially about its ending. So read on. 

Streaming giant Netflix released the new Korean movie “Jung E” last Friday, January 20. And since its release, the film has captivated audiences worldwide, making it the most watched non-English language film between Monday, January 16 and Sunday, January 22 globally, with a total of 19.3 million hours watched. 

What is “Jung E” about? 

This Netflix movie, from Yeon Sang-ho, director of 2016 zombie horror Train to Busan is set in the year 2194, where climate change has devastated the planet Earth and humans have fled to special shelters in space. And it is there when a civil war breaks out for decades. Against this backdrop, fighter Yun Jung-yi becomes a military strategist with countless victories to her credit. However, during a mission, she is wounded and becomes a vegetable.  

In order not to lose this mastermind, a military artificial intelligence development company decides to clone Jung-yi’s brain. Where a secret connection to the test subject and ethical questions of cloning human consciousness adds complications. 

Beautiful, emotional and raw 

With its AI robots, Elysium-like world and opening action sequence, the last that you might be expecting Netflix‘s Jung_E to emotionally wallop you in the chest. 

Spoiled of Jung_E 

For 40 years, three shelters that united as the Adrian Republic have been fighting Earth’s Allied Forces. Legendary Allied mercenary Captain Yun Jung-yi joins a mission to attack a fuel rod in an Adrian shelter. She has a chance to make a crucial shot but is distracted by a children’s keychain. Her hand is shot, revealing that she is also really a robot. 

Yun shuts down, and it’s revealed that she is in a simulation. Thirty-five years beforehand, the real captain failed the mission and ended up in a coma. Being Yun’s daughter, Dr. Yun Seo-hyun, lead a Kronoid Lab research team, where cloned Captain Yun consciousness, which can be repeatedly uploaded into androids. 

For five years, they have been studying Captain Yun’s brain map in a recreation of her final mission, attempting to use the data to create the greatest AI combat robot. Once the android can escape the simulation, the “Jung_E” program will be finalized. To continue with the next step, the manufacture of the elite and combat robot that will gain a winning advantage for the Allied Forces all thanks to Kronoid. And so on, it will also make Captain Yun an “eternal hero.” 

Thanks to a flashback we discover that even as an adult, Dr. Seo-hyun still feels guilty that, because of her, her mother could not live her life. Because Captain Yun became a mercenary to pay for her daughter Seo-hyun’s lung tumor treatment. And on the same day as Seo-hyun’s surgery, Captain Yun ended up in a coma. 

After an ethics test to check she is not an android, a doctor reveals that Seo-hyun’s cancer has now spread to the rest of her organs. As a solution, she could copy her consciousness into a prosthetic body for free, just like her mother, but this would also mean her brain data can be sold to companies and used to make clones. 

In an interview with Seo-hyun, Jung_E reveals the keychain that distracted her was given to her by her daughter for strength and protection, because she told her not to lose it. Realizing this is what caused her to fail her mission, Seo-hyun deletes all memory of herself from Jung_E’s brain. 

Before the simulations are ended, the  Kronoid Chairman informs Seo-hyun that the Adrian War is ending and that weapons manufacturing, including of the combat AIs, will cease. So, Seo-hyun tells the last Jung_E android the truth of who she is, deleting any other original data so that it can no longer be used to create more Kronoid products, including Captain Yun sex dolls. 

In the final simulation, Jung_E is shot dead, but when her body is taken to be destroyed, she escapes thanks to Seo-hyun’s guidance. Who transfers her brain into a basic android, to leave on a train. In a fight with Director Kim, who is really an android of the young Kronoid chairp

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