What is a scan marker?

What is a scan marker?

By carolc

Technological innovations do not stop and every day there are more applications or devices that considerably facilitate our work, in many areas.

One of these devices is a scan marker, also known as a scanner pen. Which have been developed to facilitate the work of students and professionals in various activities related to printed information.

What is a scan marker?

It is a pen or marker designed with high technology that performs the scanning of texts, quickly and easily. It is a device that works as a link or bridge between printed and digital information.


Currently, there is an enormous amount of scanner pens models, but in general terms, the device has the following characteristics.

  • It is a device with a light and compact design, easy to transport.
  • The scan marker is simple to operate, making it extremely easy to use.
  • It has a wireless design.
  • Allows scanning of text, graphics, logos, account numbers, barcodes, bank codes, indicators or check control amounts and signatures.
  • Digitization of information is executed with the push of a button.
  • Everything that is scanned is sent to any office application that you have on your PC, cell phone, or tablet.
  • Most scan markers are compatible with Windows or Mac personal computers, and with Android and iOS devices.
  • They connect to a personal computer or mobile device, via Bluetooth or USB.
  • The device can be powered by a USB connection or by means of a li-ion battery.
  • Many of the models have an ergonomic and very handy design.
  • Scan the information you require in just seconds, safely and confidentially.

How does a scan marker work?

The common design is very similar to that of a marker, hence its name. Usually includes a cover that protects in this case, the optical reader of the device, and which must be removed in order to use the scanner.

  • First, you must turn on the scan marker, and connect it to your PC or mobile device to which the digitized information will be transmitted.
  • Once the connection is established, you can proceed with scanning the printed information.
  • For this, you just have to pass or drag the end of the marker where the optical reader is located, over the text.
  • Immediately the device will read each word and convert it into editable information, directly in the component you have connected it to.
  • You will be able to see in real-time, how the printed information is transferred to your PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Once you have finished scanning the information, you can turn off the device. You will find designs that include an automatic shutdown function after a certain time of inactivity.

Some scan marker models offer the possibility of selecting different resolution modes to configure the quality of the digitized information.

On the other hand, there are scan markers that incorporate the function of converting the scanned text into audio. Which makes them a perfect tool for children, people with dyslexia, or the blind. Also, some more advanced models can translate the information into more than 120 languages.

A very useful device

Thanks to the ease of scanning different types of printed information, a scan marker can be very useful in different fields of work.

It can be very useful in banking activities, in real estate agencies, in insurance agencies, in libraries, in the office, even at home.

It is a very convenient tool for business people, lawyers, writers, students, librarians, archivists, office assistants, etc.

It can also be the ideal support for people who want to learn new languages.

Scan maker warranty

Different scan marker manufacturers provide different warranty terms. In some cases you will find devices with a lifetime warranty, in others, the warranty is only valid for two years. And in some cases, the cheaper models offer no guarantee at all.

But when selecting a scan marker, you must validate that it includes all the functions you require. As for the guarantee, a period of five years is more than enough for this type of device.

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