WhatsApp Introduces a New Windows Client with Better Calling Features

WhatsApp Introduces a New Windows Client with Better Calling Features

By eduardogaitancortez

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app owned by Meta, recently released a completely new version of its Windows buyer, which shows improved performance and superior calling capabilities. The updated version is also compatible with the phone and various devices, which allows users to follow the app even after the phone is turned off.

According to a post by Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram, the new Windows app features end-to-end encrypted group calls. The update also allows users to make video calls with up to 8 people and audio calls with up to 32 people. The mobile application also allows group calls with similar parameters. The company said that in the future it plans to increase the number of people allowed in a group call, which will make it easier for users to make a group call on the desktop. WhatsApp has focused on improving the movie experience since it publicized the linking of various devices, which allows users to use one account on various devices.

New features coming soon

In June last year, the company introduced a new Mac version in beta with performance improvements for Apple’s silicon-based systems. In addition, WhatsApp is currently showing a completely new version optimized for Android tablets. Earlier this week, WhatsApp also released two new team-related features.

The first feature allows pool administrators to scan each pool membership request in the “Pending Competitors” part. The second feature allows users to see shared computers in query results once they search for a name. Previously, users had to go to a contact’s profile to see shared computers. The video calling feature allows users to call their contacts for free via WhatsApp Desktop, even if they are in another country.

WhatsApp features on PC

These new features, of course, require an Internet connection to be used. On WhatsApp Desktop, video calls are supported on 64-bit Windows 10 operating systems, version 1903 and later, and macOS 10.13 and later. For the time being, group video calls are not available on WhatsApp Desktop. To make or receive video calls on WhatsApp Desktop, use the following:

  • Active Internet access on your PC and phone.
  • Allow WhatsApp to access the computer’s microphone and camera.
  • An audio output device, microphone and camera connected to the PC for video calls.

How calls on WhatsApp work

To begin with, we recommend you to use headphones to better hear the audio. External microphones and speakers may echo. Making a video call is very simple, let’s look at these simple steps.

  • Open the personal chat with the contact you want to call.
  • Click on the video call icon.
  • During the video call, you can click the microphone icon to turn the microphone off or on, or the camera icon to turn the camera on or off.
  • To end a video call, click End.

If you receive a video call instead, you can do the following:

  • To accept it, click Accept.
  • To reject it, click Discard.
  • To ignore it, click Ignore or x.

Let’s see now instead how to switch from a voice call to a video call during a call with a contact, you can ask to edit a video call. The contact can click OK or Edit to edit the call, or Cancel to decline the request. Hover over the camera icon during the call.

  • Click on the camera icon. If the contact accepts the change, the call is turned into a video call.

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