The HP Dragonfly Pro is a Great Laptop with Some odd Extra Stuff

The HP Dragonfly Pro is a Great Laptop with Some odd Extra Stuff

By eduardogaitancortez

Few laptops have attracted as much attention during a test as the new HP Elite DragonFly. A premium ultrabook that has already passed the Xataka test bench. The premium ultrabook arena has a favorite audience: the mobile professional.

The HP DragonFly

The HP DragonFly is a light, powerful laptop model and more than anything with a design and destroyed that is light years away from traditional laptops for work. And also take care of autonomy, something substantial to work in mobility. Appearance and resistance as poor HP surely has the saga of ultrabooks with superior designs on the market. Most of them combine great looks with solidity and very little weight and magnitudes.

This new HP Elite Dragonfly is one of his top achievements in all those points. The HP Dragonfly is a fairly thin, light ultrabook (the casing is magnesium absorption and in one piece) and with an exquisite build and excellent finish. Premium range without a doubt, however with certified military standards. The model that we have examined is dragonfly blue in color and we have it represented in all the features of the case, including the keyboard.

Main Topics

The good destroyed-grade details make the accessories appear continuously pristine, something that with premium finishes is not usually usual. The casing procedure of this HP Dragonfly is great and neither fingerprints nor dirt can be seen in any part of its area, neither external nor internal.

The exclusive distinction is in the touchpad. Beyond the design, the enormous achievement of the HP DragonFly is in its magnitudes and weight. It is a model with a 13.3-inch diagonal that weighs less than 1 kilogram and has dimensions of 30.43 x 19.75 x 1.61 centimeters.

However, as we will see later, neither the keyboard nor the connectivity nor the touchpad are negatively damaged by this huge compaction exercise. Another example. Despite the fact that it is a tiny computer, HP has found a place to put 2 side speakers that cover the entire width of the keyboard. We are talking about a 4-speaker stereo system signed by Bang & Olufsen.

That noise effort is matched in the physical parameters of the casing. The noise is decent, loud and clear enough, but not comparable to models that have more physical space for noise. The B&O touch program is appreciated, allowing more control than the default Windows program. Particularly impressive is the sound reduction when making video calls.

And More…

The HP Dragonfly was configured as a convertible ultrabook. Fairly sturdy hinges allow the screen to collapse 360 degrees very easily. This device can double as a tablet quite solvably, more because of its light weight. Thanks to its touch screen and support for a bluetooth stylus (and rechargeable via USB-C).

What was impossible to achieve in the very thin design of this HP ultrabook is a space to keep the stylus safe, something to consider. Also noteworthy in the design is the sliding cover for the webcam. A detail highly appreciated for its simplicity as well as its effectiveness.

No weird or Extravagant experiments

Connectivity Without cooling outlets on the sides, the HP Elite Dragonfly manages its modalities quite efficiently and practically at the level of physical connectivity. The little thickness of 16 mm on the sides does not help. On the right side we have a standard-size HDMI 1.4 port, the headphone output / input and both USB-C (Thunderbolt) ports, which both allow the device to be charged.

The other side is already for the Kensignton stability connector, a USB-A 3.1 Gen1 port and the power button. There’s also a place for a slot for data connectivity, but it’s only accessible on models that add that connectivity.

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