WhatsApp Says It Will Leave the UK Rather Than Weaken Encryption Under Online Safety Bill

WhatsApp Says It Will Leave the UK Rather Than Weaken Encryption Under Online Safety Bill

By eduardogaitancortez

The WhatsApp leader recently signaled that the messaging app will leave the United Kingdom. When forced to weaken its encryption standards under the nation’s upcoming online stability bill. WhatsApp could give up the Unified Kingdom. According to The Guardian, Politico and Wired, WhatsApp leader Will Cathcart commented on Thursday that the firm may leave the United Kingdom. This by criticizing the legislation as the most worrying set of online regulations in the Western world.


“Recently we have been blocked in Iran, exemplifying. Yet we have never seen a liberal democracy do that”

Cathcart quoted The Guardian.

“The reality is that our own users across the planet want stability. Ninety-eight percent of our own users remain outside of the United Kingdom. We don’t want us to lower the stability of the product and it might just be a strange choice for ourselves to choose to lower the stability of the product in a way that would hurt 98% of users.”

Signal could also leave the Unified Kingdom. The WhatsApp alert follows similar threats from another encrypted messaging app. Signal chairwoman Meredith Whittaker said last month that the company would:

“definitely move 100 per cent away [from the UK] rather than undermine people’s trust in ourselves to provide a truly private means of communication.”

Both Whittaker and Cathcart remain responding to a provision in the online stability bill that requires organizations to use “reputable technology” to scan user messages for child sexual abuse material, or CSAM.

The Problem

The bill doesn’t say how such scans would be implemented. But stability scholars say it’s impossible to introduce them without breaking end-to-end encryption. The changes to the law plan deny it. Apple revealed plans to scan user messages for CSAM in 2021. Apple also dropped the plan the following year after sustained criticism from the stability company.

When a system to scan users’ private messages is introduced, critics have warned that governments will very slowly force organizations to add other modes of prohibited content to their scans. Eroding the standards of private communication.

The United Kingdom’s online stability bill has already been criticized for integrating fuzzy distinctions between illegal and unwanted content. The legislation originally required technology platforms to moderate what it called “legal yet harmful” content. Anyway this language was removed from the draft last November.


In its present form, the bill will still expand the United Kingdom government’s powers to control online platforms, although politicians and lawmakers have to change its wording. The bill is expected to be approved by the end of this year.

One of the implications of the idea is that the United Kingdom could ask apps like WhatsApp and Signal to remove end-to-end encryption. Which today is one of the primary properties the platform gives users to ensure their privacy and online stability, in order to combat online child sexual abuse and terrorism. However, technology organizations warn that a measure of this kind could be counterproductive for the millions of users in the nation, and could cause serious damage to their fundamental rights.

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