Wi-Fi 6E – What is and what changes

Wi-Fi 6E – What is and what changes

By auroraoddi

Recently arrived on the market, the new modem for Wi-Fi networks improves Internet performance and efficiency. Wi-Fi 6E is used by routers and devices that use the technology in reception. What we are going to talk about today might seem at first glance to be a very difficult topic. But it is not so if we consider the idea of which we are always in contact with wireless networks.

If we think about it, every single house today has electronic products that work thanks to the Wi-Fi network. Starting from our phone, smart TVs, home appliances and all smart home devices. All these functions should always be protected and optimized. Because the modem has to perform relevant calculations and therefore have hardware that is up to it, in order to be able to handle all the traffic it is subjected to.

A new Wi-Fi 6E

Indeed, the new W-iFi 6E has numerous features. The traffic within it is managed in a more orderly way and is placed according to its capabilities. The slower one is managed one way, while the faster one manages to achieve great performance. One of the most considerable innovations is the addition of a third transmission band at 6 GHz. Which can transmit data with greater efficiency and speed, but with one disadvantage, that of having a shorter range. In fact, previous generations of Wi-Fi all have a small number of shared channels. This consequently implies interference and congestion.

To take advantage of the new Wi-Fi 6E requires devices that support it at the time reception occurs such as computers, tablets, smartphones, connected smart home objects that can guarantee this connection. The number of phones supporting Wi-Fi 6E has been increasing significantly recently. But we are talking about recent products, almost all of which came out in the last year. On the computer side, the proposition is also expanding rapidly. But it is still not easy to find PCs that support the system.

Although the availability of products that can take advantage of a WiFi 6E is limited, we recommend that you always have your eye on the future, especially if we are talking about technology. In this way you can have the solution ready for every eventuality. Wi-fi 6E, like all new technologies, also comes with an increase in cost. But as we have seen with previous technologies precisely, surely this increase will be temporary and will vary according to the new proposals that will be available on the market.

Available alternatives

If you wish to save money, that is, keep costs down and still have excellent Wi-Fi coverage, an alternative would be to use an advanced system but one that still relies on the Wi-Fi standard. The main difference, however, is the one we have addressed up to this point, namely the lack of 6GHz transmission bandwidth. This will mean that your Wi-Fi will still use lower frequency bands.

Although we are talking about products that do not allow you maximum efficiency, they are still great products available at competitive prices. The key thing to understand is that we need to learn to think of it as a necessary tool for our daily lives. Thanks to its implantation, it makes our lives better and easier every day. Therefore, see it as an investment for the future and not as an expense we can do without.

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