Youtube arrives with new updates

Youtube arrives with new updates

By dayannastefanny

YouTube has decided to release an update for iOS devices with interesting content, in addition to fixing the device lock. With this update, the app changes its design to be clean and powerful, without fixing the YouTube logo (visible in the app image).

Youtube: Modernization and new functionality when watching favorite videos.

New design

This YouTube 2.0 update doesn’t have a full design, but an update to the text flow, app, and menu. Let’s look at some of the design improvements to the device that I noticed while using it:

  • The icons for the search and hide options have been changed to make them easier.
  • Some YouTube videos have also been modified.
  • The program has a blue background, and the menu displays the video changed to gray (it used to be white).
  • A discussion page appears to the right of the video.
  • A description of the video appears immediately below the video.
  • Information about the person who uploaded the video (their channel) appears above the comments section.

Accurate search

Regarding the new features of YouTube, it appears the pinch to zoom along the video, that when you release the same, this will continue to be enlarged and can be displayed on iOS and Android. Thanks to the so-called precise search, you can navigate with small videos by sliding or dragging. It is a new feature that will come into effect for desktop versions, as well as on mobile devices.

Finally, Youtube has pointed out that in addition to the precise searches, simultaneously, long presses are being exerted on all parts of the player, which allows you to browse and double-click to skip any chapter. In addition to this, a graphic appears that highlights moments that have been repeatedly replayed, being a fundamental part of the “future of interactivity in the living room”. Each of the above updates will arrive gradually, so users will be able to enjoy them in the coming weeks.

Mini screen and search engine at the same time

Until now, in the YouTube app, we only watched videos, and if we moved away from the video, we stopped watching it. With this new update, if we want to get a new video without losing the view we are watching, we can do it.

  1. We move our finger down over the video and a small screen with the video will be at the bottom right of the screen
  2. The video keeps playing while we search for it through the browser, subscribed channel, or history.
  3. If we want to stop watching the video on the small screen, we move one finger to the left of the screen. We will stop watching the video and the small screen will stop.

Ambient mode

Another interesting new feature that I’m looking forward to is the weather. When this feature is enabled, the content displayed in the video is dynamically analyzed and a color opacity adjustment is automatically applied to the link to watch the video being displayed. Kind of like Philips’ Ambilight technology, without leaving the device. On the other hand, YouTube also said it has developed a dark mode, which is now “darker,” which will provide greater contrast to videos and parts of the format that should stand out.

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