YouTube TV Hikes Price to $72.99 per Month: due to rising “content costs”

YouTube TV Hikes Price to $72.99 per Month: due to rising “content costs”

By eduardogaitancortez

We are all familiar with streaming platforms for watching movies and series such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video Clip or Disney+. In another subtly different category, we can watch streaming TV channels on platforms such as Hulu or Pluto TV. In this case, the platforms are not well known, but there is also a similar service on YouTube. Unlike Pluto, YouTube TV not only costs a lot, but has gone up to $72.99 per month due to the “rising cost of content”. Today we have the ability to watch hundreds of streaming series and movies while paying a relatively low cost if we keep in mind the huge amount of content there is.


The biggest problem in any case is the diversification of content between the different streaming platforms. We are some series or tape that attracts us on Prime Video Clip, another on Netflix and another on HBO, as examples. In addition, we are not fascinated by having to search and start series or tapes and this is where streaming TV services make the most sense.

YouTube TV raises its cost by $8, it will cost $72.99 per month with a huge set of TV channels to watch live, platforms like Hulu become an interesting alternative for many people. The problem is the cost, these possibilities are much more expensive than a Prime Video Clip. By the way, YouTube TV used to cost $64.99 per month. If that sounds expensive to you, we now assure you that Google has increased its cost. As such, since YouTube TV noticed its $8 cost, it is now worth $72.99 per month. So $864 per year.

YouTube TV

For this high cost you get a streaming and live TV service of well over 70 channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, TNT and much more. By the way, it has well over 28 Spanish channels in its Spanish Project, including Antena 3, ESPN Deportes and Discovery. According to Google, this increase in cost is due to the increase in the cost of content.

“As content costs have reached and we continue to invest in the quality of our service, we are updating our cost to continue offering you the best possible service”

the company told subscribers.

The cost increase will be applied from April 18, 2023. Possibly in Spain there is hardly anyone who knows YouTube TV or is subscribed to this platform. For which reason the increase in cost becomes important in American territory. This will be applied starting April 18. In turn, Google announces that the 4K Plus add-on will drop from a cost of $19.99 to $9.99. That’s a 50% discount. As for YouTube TV, it recently struck a major streaming deal with NFL Sunday Ticket. Priced at $2 billion per season.


Here you will be able to justify the increased cost for content. Although it will be necessary to pay for this Sunday Ticket independently of YouTube TV. Also, remember, this platform debuted in 2017 with a cost of only $35 per month, less than half of which will be of little value. Shortly thereafter, YouTube TV underwent a cost increase to $49. While in 2020 it increased to the previously announced $64.99.

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