New Youtube updates

New Youtube updates

By dayannastefanny

More satisfaction for YouTube users

However, this information technology will only be used for long videos, where it will be essential that the content creators themselves a partner with external dubbing providers for the creation of audio tracks in other languages, and then upload them through the Subtitle Editor tool. This will apply to new videos as well as to existing videos, which can be updated to include new audio tracks in other languages.

The appearance of the information technology in sorting mode will allow an applicant on a video, which has multiple audio tracks of different languages, and who is interested, to assimilate in advance the languages in which the audio is arranged and to pay for the one that best suits his needs.

In terms of pre-testing, YouTube says that it has brought more than 3,500 videos into more than 40 different languages and that videos dubbed in several different languages saw on average more than 15 percent of the viewership coming from different language visits.


So, the feature not only benefits creators who can connect with a wider audience, but also helps YouTube expand the reach of videos on its platform, a win-win.

Now, technology to support multi-language audio tracks was created in-house at YouTube, but as a creator, you will need to partner directly with third-party dubbing providers to create your audio tracks. And once uploaded, your audience will be able to choose a different audio track from the same menu where they can currently adjust other settings such as subtitles or audio quality. So, it’s up to you which other language you want to support.

For its part, YouTube says that in the first test of the feature with a small group of developers, it was used on more than 3500 videos written in more than 40 languages, although more than 15% of video playback time was dubbed. of viewers of videos in a different language than previously recorded until last month.

So, with this release, thousands more creators, in addition to the original test group, will now get access to the new functionality. Meanwhile, the option to adjust the audio track of a video will be rolled out globally across YouTube and will be available on desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and TVs.

Undoubtedly, this new feature will be beneficial for all involved, as, it will be easier to upload audio tracks in multiple languages than to manage and maintain several separate channels in foreign languages.

Along with this, eligible creators who gain access to the feature will be notified with an invitation offering them the opportunity to participate. And as soon as they have access, they will be able to use the new option in Creator Studio. Finally, YouTube has not disclosed how it chooses which creators are eligible or how many will be invited to this first increase. There it said only the number is in the thousands. It did not say when the option would be available to more subscribers, but said it was working to get more options.

Podcasts will come to YouTube Music

And while multilingual audio tracks for YouTube uploaded videos are coming, YouTube Music persistence will release “in the near future” the podcasts class, YouTube’s director of podcasting, Kai Chuk, said at the sidelines of the Hot Pod Summit, seeking to turn YouTube’s audio streaming enhancement into a top contender for Spotify.

As it becomes available, it will allow users to listen to their favorite podcasts programs in a polished instant for free, without considering exclusive or original programs, seeking initially to bring the necessary tools for the creators, and also to enlarge the cushion of YouTube Music users, considering that many of them will be able to force in a wait to the possibility of payment, where, among other aspects, they will get rid of the commercials.