4 WEEKS 4 INCLUSION: An Event for Inclusion

4 WEEKS 4 INCLUSION: An Event for Inclusion

By auroraoddi

The “Raoul Pieroni” auditorium, located at 265 Via Oriolo Romano in Rome, is gearing up to host a prominent event dedicated to inclusion. On October 12th, from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM, the Eternal City will become the stage for the launch event of the fourth edition of “4 Weeks 4 Inclusion”.

Monica D’Ascenzo, a well-known journalist from “Il Sole 24Ore,” will moderate and guide the guests through the updates of the 2023 edition, revealed directly by authoritative voices from the Platinum partner companies.

The 4W4I event will kick off with institutional greetings from two prominent figures: Alessandra Locatelli, Minister for Disabilities, and Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality. A strong signal for the importance of inclusion at both the national and European levels.

But it won’t be just institutions and companies taking the floor. A moment of particular intensity will undoubtedly be dedicated to the testimonials of six individuals who will share their stories of inclusion or non-inclusion. Among them, Carlotta Bertotti will speak about her uniqueness related to Ota’s Nevus, while Valentina Tomirotti will narrate her life “riding her wheelchair that turns into a throne.” Francesco Murano, a TikTok influencer, will shine a spotlight on his condition as a person with a stoma, and Denis Murano will expose “Inhumane Relationships” in the HR world.

Particular attention will also be given to the Michielon sisters, known on the web as “Ruotelibere”, who use their platforms to advocate for a life without barriers, and to Dalila Bagnuli, the content creator who boldly states on her Instagram profile: “I don’t want to expand the beauty canon, I want to destroy it.”

To conclude the event, an intriguing gaming moment: Linda Serra of Work Wide Women will launch the game “How much do you know about D&I,” open to everyone. A stimulating and interactive way to engage with the topic of inclusion.

“4 Weeks 4 Inclusion” promises to be not only a moment of discussion and dialogue but also a powerful call to action, empathy, and knowledge. An event not to be missed for all those who believe in a more inclusive and welcoming world.