About the Android Auto 11 update

About the Android Auto 11 update

By carolc

Google recently made the official launch of its Android Auto 11. This is the latest version for the tech giant’s mobile operating system, and it has already begun to be installed on compatible devices.

With this new version of Android Auto, several improvements arrive that will surely be very well received and appreciated by users. Next we will talk about everything related to version 11 of Android Auto.

What’s new in Android Auto 11

The new operating system update brings with it a considerable set of improvements, which will make the functionality of the devices connected to vehicles much more attractive and practical. We describe these news to you.

Notifications improvements

To facilitate a much more user-friendly environment, the notification bar has been renewed. This will now be divided into three sections, which are identified as: “Conversations”, “Notifications” and “Silenced”.

Another of the improvements in the notifications that the update incorporates, is that the complete history of them can be viewed.

Prioritized conversations

With the updates of Android Auto 11 the new section “Conversations” will group all the messages. In this way, users can prioritize their chats and keep abreast of the most important messages.

Chat bubbles

With the chat bubbles you will have the possibility to chat regardless of the application you are in.

Option to record screen

This is one of the most anticipated news. The screen recording option will be integrated in the quick settings bar. This will allow users to record both device and microphone audio.

Smart device management

From the shutdown menu you will have the option of controlling your devices. You can dim, turn on or turn off the lights; speakers, thermostat, etc. All this without the need to enter Google Home or any other application.

Multimedia control

When updating to Android Auto 11 you will have a new multimedia control. You will be able to see the option “Multimedia notification” in the quick settings bar, with which you can quickly and conveniently change the device to play your content.

A wireless version

With the wireless version of Android Auto you will not require a USB cable to connect your cell phone to the car, and start using Android Auto.

Permission improvements

Among the novelties that this update brings is the one-time permissions function. This makes it easy for you to configure sensitive items such as your location, microphone, or camera. With this function you can indicate that the app will only be able to access these permissions once.

On the other hand, it also includes automatic permissions reset. These permissions will be restored if an application has not been used for a certain time.

Additional modules for Google Play

With Android Auto 11 more modules are added that can be updated through Google Play. In this way, Google will have the possibility to update a greater number of privacy and security corrections on your smartphone, without depending on the manufacturer of your device.

Greater privacy on a personal level

The new version of Android Enterprise has greater protection when it comes to the privacy of a personal phone, compared to business-owned devices.

In other words, the personnel of the technology or communications department of your company will not be able to access the information in your profile or the data on your mobile.

What phones are compatible with Android Auto 11?

According to what was reported by Google, the first devices to have compatibility with this new version are the Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4 models.

Likewise, various models of Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO and OnePlus may also have version 11 of Android Auto.

The Android 11 update will gradually reach other partners’ phones.

How to update on your device?

Performing the update is very simple, if you have a Pixel smartphone model.

You just have to go to the “Settings” option, then to “Systems”, “Advanced”, “System update” and finally to “Check for updates”.

In case your Pixel has the Beta version of Android 11, the update will occupy approximately 11 MB. On the other hand, if you owned the Android 10 version, then the update will cover more than 1GB.

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