Application that makes hidden parties

Application that makes hidden parties

By carolc

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In an time we are living in, where in many parts of the world, social isolation is mandated by federal laws, there are  applications that are stimulating clandestine parties.

What’s worse, these apps have been posted in official app stores.

The app is intended to create hidden parties during the Covid 19 pandemic. However, this app was eventually taken down from the Apple App Store, Apple’s official app store.

This application is called Vybe Together and has its definition as a “private community to find, participate and host parties”, as it calls itself.

A video that was published on the social network TikTok shows that this application was intended to create private parties weekly. As a reminder, there are laws that compel people to practice social isolation.

Its virtual presence ended up being removed, like the App Store application as its official website. Even with this attitude, the company still intends to return with the practices.

In their social network Instagram, it was published that they would still come back, “The App Store took us down! We will be back! Follow to stay updated!”.

How did they use the application?

In order for users to use it, it was necessary to send a profile, also an Instagram identifier, and something different, which was photos at parties, according to reports from The Verge.

As soon as it was activated, interested parties could register to participate in the events. And so, the organizers were able to approve user participation.

Two hours before the party takes place, the site announces to users who have been approved to participate in the party.

The app already had thousands of users, according to what an app representative told The Verge

Taylor Lorenz, on his social network Twitter, made the following publication: “Some terrible people have created an app to find and promote big secret and insecure parties and are using TikTok to market it to millions of people”

Videos on New York City

Videos show individuals enjoying and dancing, showing the New Year’s party in New York.

At that time, in New York City, meetings are restricted to only 10 people, and bars and restaurants should be closed.

In a report by BBC of Brasil, he mentions that TikTok removed the account because it is not compatible with community policies.

The article also mentions that there have been publications, that the site has now been deleted, the following information: “We are aware that COVID is a major health problem … Having parties on a large scale is very dangerous. That is why we do not support it. . ”

“But Vybe is a middle ground, without big parties, but small meetings. We could be living, at least a little during those times, with Vybe.”

We hope that people are aware of the risks that this pandemic can cause, and that they can create technologies that benefit other people, especially those who need it most in a time as complicated as this.

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