Best Bluetooth locators you can buy

Best Bluetooth locators you can buy

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What is a locator?

As its name suggests, this tool helps you find what you are looking for. Participants in this simulation communicate via Bluetooth with a free application that must be installed on a cell phone (in all cases, this application is compatible with Android and iOS).

How does an object locator work?

In this way, also with the help of GPS location, it is possible to know where, for example, the car keys have been left, because the location was previously fixed or attached to the object in question, reveals. An expression of emotion. On the other hand, it should be considered that these devices operate within the limit measured in meters. However, they provide other features, such as being able to determine the last status reported by the device when this limit is exceeded. They even help to find a cell phone: Simply double-tap the tracker to make the smartphone start ringing.

How to choose a good pager?

  1. Design: although they have common features such as small size and lightweight, there are slight differences in manufacturing qualities.
  2. Range: each locator ‘operates’ in theory within a range.
  3. Application: how are the process of installing and setting up the app, the possibilities it offers, and the synchronization with the locator?
  4. Experience: whether the tracker delivers what it promises and meets our needs.

Best Bluetooth locators

Tile Mate

Tile is currently the most popular type of Bluetooth tracker, and the latest tracker covers a wide range of applications. This all-in-one tracker lets you know the current location of your property, even without a Bluetooth device. Whether through the included Tile phone or via Bluetooth, you will know where to find your keys, purse, or wallet.

Easy Tracker

If you want a simple tracker to keep your keys and other things in your home, this Eksy collector set might be for you. The kit includes four devices that you can place in your luggage, remote controls, a pet collar, a wallet, and any other essentials you can’t lose.

Best Bluetooth locators for iOS

Chipolo ONE Spot

Check your daily stats with this simple Bluetooth tracker from Chipolo. This device has 120 alarms and a communication range of up to 200 feet, so you can easily find your lost or misplaced items at home or work. It also works well with Apple’s Find My network, making it ideal for those who use the Apple ecosystem.

Best Bluetooth locator for Android

Samsung Galaxy Tile Tag

If you have trouble searching for your personal belongings at home or anywhere else, it is efficient to have a quality finder. Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Tag, you can keep track of your belongings such as your wallet, purse, and keys without any problem, everything can be tracked on your trusted phone. Plus, you don’t have to worry about buying a battery because it is already included in your purchase.

Note: The Chipolo One 2020 Bluetooth device received very good marks in the comparison. It stands out from the rest because its performance and user experience are the best. In addition, the mobile app has a very nice interface.

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