Block friends on Snapchat

Block friends on Snapchat

By dayannastefanny

What should I do to block a user on Snapchat?

To block a Snapchat user, the first thing to remember is that you must download the app on your phone. Later, open it later, and you will be taken to the Snapchat camera. After that, you must go to your profile, which you will find by clicking on the avatar image or on the image at the top left of the screen. Once you have completed this action, you must follow the steps that we will explain below:

Block one of your friends from the App

Once you are in your profile, scroll down and open the “My friends” option, after that, you will see the names of all your friends that you have added, so you must select someone. When you identify a person, you should click on their name and click on the option on the top left of the screen where there are three dots. Then press the block button carefully. By doing this, you block that person, and they will not be able to access your posts, and they will not be able to send you messages or comments.

Blocking a person, you do not know

The person you are going to block is not your friend, there are two ways to block him/her, one is through his/her username, and the other is through messages. Even so, you must keep in mind that if you have the name of the person the user, you can block him/her, since if you do not have access to this you will not be able to do this action.

Now, to be able to block the person through messages; you must go to the Snapchat camera, later, look at the message option. Then, you will go to the message sent by the person you are going to block and click on their name to view the chat. Later, you should tap on the person’s name or profile picture to enter their wall. You will then click on the three dots in the upper corner and click on “Block”.

Delete a friend without blocking them

If you delete a friend because you are stubborn and someone is bothering you, you can delete them. This way, you can eliminate the problem at the root, but you will be able to send friends again if you don’t block them. On the other hand, it is recommended to keep the Snapchat app active so that you can access all its features in terms of security and filters.

consequences of blocking a person

  • The saved or sent messages, between the two people who were once friends, will be deleted, however, if you ever decide to unblock the person or add them as friends again, these messages you will be able to view these again.
  • The blocked user may lose their account, they will not be able to access your information, and when they send you a message, it will appear as sent, but you will not receive it.

Unblock someone on Snapchat

After you are in your account settings, scroll to the bottom and look for the blocked option. Afterwards, you will need to tap the ✖ next to the name to unblock the person.

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