Tips for your Samsung cell phone

Tips for your  Samsung cell phone

By dayannastefanny

The objective of this article is that if a novice user buys a Samsung phone with this type of personality, this guide has everything you need to get the most out of it. Then you will understand that we have discussed many features, although we have included some important tips that we hope will help you, even if you are an advanced user.

Advanced functions in Samsung

The curiosity to your telephone compatible with Android Auto is still in occasional east, and it will take you to a menu where you can configure the tether to your telephone, inside occasional east, you will still choose some of the options that are in the east, such as the apps that are displayed.

Samsung Labs

It is occasionally from which Samsung offers curiosity to its users from this section, you will be able to enable and disable these experimental functions, which, if all goes well, will later arrive in Settings in a stable way. From here you can also configure the double tap on the function button, in addition to activating some gestures available as lifting to activate, double tapping to turn on the screen, or even to mute the mobile with gestures, options aimed at you do not have to pick up the smartphone to control it.

Advanced multi-device functions

Samsung has been working for years to make its phones compatible with many devices, and many of them support unique Windows integration.

This allows you to access your messages, and photos and even open applications installed on your smartphone, there is another option that Samsung allows you to call and send messages from the Korean company’s speaker, watch, or tablet with a single UI, which makes this environment useful the ability to continue applications to other devices means you can continue the work you left in the middle of the Samsung browser and write the application from other company devices.

Internal search engines

All Android phones have their own internal search engines, and the One UI customization layer is no exception. There are two search engines that you will see both in the app bar and in the device settings. The one in the app bar is a simple search engine and will help you casually demarcate an app when you have many installed.

The search engine in the settings is the most useful, especially when you change your removable device and discover that the manufacturer of your new device has changed some options. If you don’t find one of the settings you’re looking for, you can grab it for any period like Battery or Backup, and you’ll be shown the matching options so you can snap to them and save time searching.

Toggle between open applications

If you choose to navigate using hand gestures, some gestures may be required. If you swipe the bottom bar to the left or to the right, you move between open applications. For the former, if you swipe from left to right, and for the latter from right to left and if you choose to use the old Android buttons, you may need a little trick. If you double-click on the button with three vertical bars used to access open applications, you will access the first application you were using. The same thing happens when you are on the device and slide your finger from the circular button.

Connect to mobile from DeX

This feature will vary slightly depending on your device, but on some Samsung devices, you will be able to use your phone from a computer using the DeX app. This feature allows you to use your mobile device from a Windows or macOS computer. This means that it will be similar to the operating system on Windows or macOS where you will be able to use all the apps and access the mobile device.

Everything you have on your phone, including applications, you can use on your computer. You’ll be able to sync between Windows and mobile devices, and even photos like screenshots from your PC will work on DeX if you have it in front of you. Also, on models like the Galaxy S21 DeX will feature a wireless mode. DeX setup starts automatically when you connect your phone to your computer.

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