Get to know the new Gmail look

Get to know the new Gmail look

By Valentina Tuta

Get to know the new Gmail look, Google’s team has always tried to keep an updated platform so that users can enjoy all the features of the interface. In fact, Gmail has changed a lot over the past 18 years but now the company wants to bet on a fresh style based on Google’s Material Design 3. With this article you will learn about the new strategies that the organization has for you.

Evolving by your side

As Gmail users,we know how much both the website and the phone app have changed. Actually, we have to acknowledge updates such as the AI-based innovations that allow us to give automatic replies or the possibility to get Gmail as a native app for iOS or Android. 

Design changes are more remarkable, as we all remember the new tabbed inbox aimed at bringing us a more productive way of working. But what about those small, less visible changes that no one sees? Well, Google’s team has included AI-based spam and developed other cybersecurity tools to prevent phishing and malwares.

Modernity in every sense

Due to the sanitary emergency, many people around the world had to update their methods of communication and along with them it became necessary for email, messaging, group chats, video calls and other virtual tools to evolve as well. Therefore, Gmail took the opportunity to present a more unified view of its platform, allowing users to use Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet from the same place. 

By the way, this version was released in January and thanks to the good comments and suggestions was improved. So now, all Gmail users who have enabled the Chat function will find an easier way to move between applications that is also customizable. Just click on Quick Settings to choose the apps you’d like to toggle between, whether it’s Gmail by itself or a combination of Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet. Also, you will see sections separated by system labels or even create your own and have access to chat bubbles with incoming messages.

Over the next few weeks, you can activate or deactivate the integrated view using the new visual configuration option in Settings. Not sure about the new design? Don’t worry, you can keep the Gmail’s version that suits you best.

More powerful Gmail

It is true that most of these updates focus on taking advantage of the platform by using new gestures and other characteristics, but Google continues to make Gmail a more powerful tool not only in design terms. For example, the team has introduced “Search chips”, a new alternative to find your inbox messages with improved search results that suggest the best match for your query.

Towards the future

Google is a committed company to offer a better experience for people, so it already has some plans for the future for tablet users such as better emojis, new accessibility features and a whole lot more. 

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