Ghost of Tsushima and new updates

Ghost of Tsushima and new updates

By dayannastefanny

What’s new in Ghost of Tsushima?

Developed by Sucker Punch and published by Sony for PlayStation 4, this action-adventure is set in feudal Japan in 1274, when samurai warriors try to deal with an invasion of Mongol armies several game genres can be found in this video game, such as role-playing video games, stealth video games, fighting video games, action-adventure video games and shooting video games and
this game offers a thousand ways to enjoy, taking advantage of all the benefits we have at our disposal and trying hundreds of variants that will undoubtedly make this title an unforgettable experience.

The amount of customization options that the game has is impressive and this aspect is not only decorative because depending on what kind of changes are made to our appearance we can use equipment that allows us to improve our skills, as well as improve our combat styles, all this with a variety of cosmetic options, which give us the opportunity to build a character that looks as we like while it is both effective for the missions that the game presents us. Our style of play will define the way our relationships grow, being a samurai the use of tactics such as Ghost mode affects our honor, and hence the implications for our relationships with the people around us. Likewise, the use of Ghost mode can offer us great advantages, as the more missions we complete with this mode we will make our enemies begin to develop a supernatural fear of our skills and abilities, which will give us an advantage for future missions, as opponents will feel fear just with our presence.

The game’s photo mode allows us to play it in different types of reverse cinematics, that is, we can choose how we want the game to look while we play it, and we can play it in black and white, which will remind us of the films of Akira Kurosawa, which are much of the inspiration for the story of the title, or with sepia tones to generate an atmosphere of nostalgia and we can accentuate tones and colors, all according to our preferences, which ensures that the gaming experience is the most satisfactory and finally the scenarios, full of color and with large spaces to explore, will always guide us in a direct way to our objectives, so it is our decision to continue with the mission or explore in detail.

Features offered:

  1. PS Plus required for online play
  2. Supports up to 4 players online with PS Plus
  3. Optional online play
  4. 1 player
  5. PS5 version
  6. Vibration function and shooting effect required
  7. Compatible with in-game support

How long will Ghost of Tushima last?

In an interview with Push Square, video game creative director Nate Fox gave us a hint. “If you’re familiar with Ghost of Tsushima, Ikishima is about the same size as the first act of the main game, Izhara,” he explained. It’s a big, dense story with secrets.” idea, the Izhara episode will cost you 10, depending on whether you complete all the side quests scattered around the map, it lasts anywhere from hours to 20 hours.

Release date:

Ghost of Tsushima goes on sale nationwide in standard format from July 17 thanks to S2Go Colombia and can be purchased at Panamericana, Ktronix, Alkosto, Alkomprar, Sony Store, and Dprimero, the latter is already in presale and will be priced at 69.99 on the PlayStation platform.


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