How to secure your YouTube account?

How to secure your YouTube account?

By carolc

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YouTube has incredible popularity worldwide, many are the ones that have achieved fame and benefits through this platform, which makes it a charm for cybercriminals, it might seem that it is not a security breach that we have to keep armored, but we are well wrong.

To get started, YouTube is linked to your Google Account and with it you have access to different programs that are under its administration such as Google Drive or your Gmail email account. It is quite well known that most users usually place the same key for all these platforms, now they imagine that they can hack one of them, they would be exposed completely.

There are users who may be more valuable to these attackers, such as those who own online accounts or services on YouTube, insurance to be able to acquire the benefits for their services, have associated their bank accounts as well as their data and other sensitive information that in the wrong hands, could unleash a real disaster.

Security on YouTube

It is always very important to maintain security in all our daily life and more on technology platforms that often contain sensitive and private information. We must have common sense and not fall into quite typical errors when applying supposed security to our passwords. Let’s see what we need to keep in mind.

Official programs

Official programs, are and will be the most recommended to perform any activity on the network. Technology platforms are mined from unofficial applications that provide phantom security and that somehow many users end up falling.

YouTube does not escape this reality, there are thousands of applications that offer you to enter this platform from different origins, such as those offered by mobile software that are designed for smartphones, tablets, etc. But many of these applications do not incorporate interesting functions and are usually quite basic.

That’s why using officially sourced applications is the right thing to do, not using them, it would be a mistake, as they could contain malware that would end up compromised the security of your information.

Secure passwords

To avoid phishing attacks, the least you need to consider is to have a strong password. It should include uppercase, lowercase, symbols, numbers and the more characters you can have, the better. It is recommended to change the key every 91 days and do not use the same password from other platforms.

If you want to receive a sign-in alert to your Google services on third-party sites, turn on the Chrome login alert, you’ll always be notified when someone tries to sign in from somewhere else or takes over as a Google.

Security tools

Good antivirus is always recommended to detect and eliminate potential threats, including fearsome malware. There are multiple options on the market, both free and paid.

Two-step verification

There is a tool that can prevent hackers from accessing your account or at least make it very difficult and it is two-step verification, with it you have the following options. Security keys, Google messages and the Google authenticator app. This option is much more secure as it prevents phishing.

Shortened links

It is recommended to distrust a shortened link, if its origin and integrity are not verified. Although most are usually safe, the idea is not to be trusted, as they may have some kind of malware hidden inside them.

Private Videos

This option is available for both videos that we upload and those that are selected as favorites. This makes the content being uploaded in the public domain. This option is feasible to protect videos that you only want certain people or family group to see. To hide favorites, go to “Settings”, then click Privacy and being there, check the corresponding boxes.

Incognito Mode

If what we want is that when browsing YouTube and our browser save the data, we can use the incognito mode. This is offered by many browsers and can be easily used when we enter YouTube, especially when we use machines that are the usual ones for us

In short these are some interesting tips to maintain security and privacy when using YouTube. It is a widely used platform and therefore extreme precautions must be taken.

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