How to share screen and camera in a Google Hangouts conference call

How to share screen and camera in a Google Hangouts conference call

By IsraeliPanda

Given that Google Hangouts is designed for the common person, most of the equipment accessible is pretty simple. But simply due to the fact Google Hangouts doesn’t come with fancy company bells and whistles don’t imply that you can’t lift out a polished presentation. Whether you’re providing a faculty record or giving your group an economic update, you can use the screen-sharing characteristic of Hangouts to exhibit your members a knockout slide deck on Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Step 1: Be positive to load up your presentation earlier then you start the video chat or the screen-sharing process. Keep the software — whether or not it’s Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides walking in a new Chrome browser window, or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet — minimized and walking in the background.

Step 2: Start Google Hangouts thru the browser or Chrome extension. Once you’re in your video call, to commence sharing your screen, you’ll favor hovering over the browser window for your videoconference.

Step 3: A menu bar at the pinnacle will appear, giving you preferences to add people, exchange settings, or get entry to greater features. You’ll choose to click on the ultimate one, which is targeted by using the hamburger menu — the three vertically stacked dots — on the upper-right-hand facet of the window.

Step 4: Click on Screen Share, and a pop-up will ask if you prefer to share your complete display screen or simply a single utility window. If you’re speaking to a pal who’s a tech specialist and want their assist diagnosing what’s going on on your PC, you’ll desire to pick out Your Entire Screen, however, if you’re doing a presentation, you’ll choose to pick the Application Window tab.

Step 5: If you’re sharing simply a software window, after you click on the Application Window tab, you’ll be introduced to a grid of opened apps that are strolling on your PC at the moment. Click on the app you choose to display screen share, and then click on on the Share button to start sharing. Please word that seeing that this choice chooses from apps already running, this capability that you’ll favor to fireplace up a new browser window with Google Slides loaded or have Microsoft PowerPoint strolling earlier than you provoke display screen sharing.

Pro tip: Alerts and notifications from your PC should be distracting when you’re giving a presentation. Be certain to allow Focus Assist mode on Windows 10 or flip on Do Not Disturb on Mac to silence any notifications or chimes in the course of your videoconferencing session for a extra polished presentation.

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