Instagram: Tips to Know How Often You Should Post

Instagram: Tips to Know How Often You Should Post

By julianapardogonzalez

If you are trying to have a startup, sell your things without a physical store, be an influencer, be a photograph, etc. Nowadays, the easiest way it is through social media, and it is true that for each one can work a different media, but one of the better options is Instagram for its format.  

For that reason, it could be a little frustrating to start without know what to do, what we must have in account to be on TOP, etc. But be calm that we are here for you! 

The biggest scare and stressful part about these not to know when it is the correct time and how often to publish, and you must figure out, since is the pillar of any strategy for the platform. It is also a balancing act. Since you do not want to post a few that no one sees your content, but you also do not want to post so much that Instagram thinks you are a spam account. In fact, you also must consider how much time and energy you realistically must dedicate to the platform, as an example: to schedule the content. 

Here we have advice on how often you should post on Instagram as you build your social media marketing strategy. Whether you work alone with your IG page or have a social media team. 

How Often Should You Post on Instagram? 

As the director of Instagram said in 2021 through an interview with @Creator “A couple of feeds a week, a couple of Stories per day.” So, we could say that it is recommended to post 3 stories a day, evenly spaced out around popular viewing times for your target audience.  

Also, he talked about the importance of utilizing videos and hashtags. So, we could say posting more frequently to your Story is also valuable, even more so.  

Instagram use ranking, which is how the app decides what it shows its users. According to a blog post director wrote in June 2021, there is not actually a unique algorithm determining how Instagram shows content but “a lot of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose.” That system looks at information such as how many likes a post has and how many times a user has interacted with your account in the past. (Keep that in mind). 

Having said this, it means that raking constantly change and can be frustrating for brands. People can blame IG or the ranking to no make your page famous, but the reality is what people are interested in changes. Even more, tons of people are joining Instagram and posting more things, so there is more competition.  

To exceed this problem, you need to be consistent in your posting strategy. That means, consistency is more important than volume, especially as you start out. According to Hubspot, the median feed posts an across Instagram users was four per week. However, this is higher for business accounts, which posted an average of 1.56 times per day. As well, 20% of business accounts posted to their Story at least once per week. 

So, we can ascertain that posting one feed post and two stories per day is a surprisingly good bet for growing your engagement. An effective way to it is to focus on a consistent posting schedule that makes sense for you and your business, where they know.  

Now, we will give you some advice to improve with IG: 

  • Start for what it is feasible 

Instead of jumping into the dark end right away, you should focus on a consistent posting schedule that makes sense for you and your business where they are right now. 

  • Create a schedule 

It is understandable that you think quantity will increase the followers and views, but a better idea is to schedule the publication days. For example, choose which days it is better for a post or a story according to your target audience.  

Spreading posts out not only pleases the algorithm but gives your audience an expectation of when the latest content is coming and gives each post breathing room, so they are not competing for likes and comments. 

  • Streamline with apps 

To make easier your life, you can use Instagram management apps like Sked, Later, or Hootsuite! With this, you can create your posts in massive whit ahead of time and not have to worry about checking in and producing updated content every day. And keep it up—dropping off for a week or two is not the end of the world, but could potentially lower your ranking in Instagram’s eyes. 

In conclusion, we can say that the strategy varies according to the reason for the account. So, it is necessary to make a detailed plan and remember that quantity does not necessarily reflect quality, and therefore it works to have scheduled dates to keep everything under control. 



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