Is it possible to play video games on Netflix?

Is it possible to play video games on Netflix?

By dayannastefanny

Netflix plans to expand its gaming service to TV screens and is working on a feature that will allow users to use an iPhone as a controller to control in-game actions.

The streaming content platform introduced the first games in Spain in September 2021 for Android mobiles. After that, it has been expanding the service to offer 55 games on its platform for subscribers who wish to enjoy games such as Tomb Raider Reloaded, or other titles based on series such as Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited.

Following this line, Netflix began to expand its video game service with projects such as the development of a new triple-A game for PC and, as it confirmed in October 2022, the creation of a new video game platform in the cloud. It also announced during this March that it would add 40 new titles to its gaming service this year.

Netflix brings its gaming service to iPhone TVs

Now, Netflix is working on an option to play its video games through a TV, accompanied by a new feature that will allow using an iPhone as a controller to control the game. This has been learned by app developer Steve Moser through an analysis of the internal code of Netflix’s iOS app, which shows references to games for TVs.

Strong commitment to games.

As we have already mentioned, the company’s idea is to maintain continuous development. A clear example of this was the fact that some time ago it announced that it plans to launch 40 new titles on the market by the end of the year. Some of these of its own production and others in collaboration with other companies. This is quite a considerable number, and at least one new creation should be guaranteed every month. Of course, it is necessary to increase the availability of games in the different Netflix regions, as the rate of game usage is currently quite low. According to data, only 1 percent of the global subscriber base has used this development, so something needs to be done because the number is very low.

Let’s be clear: 1.7 million people use titles from the company’s catalog daily and we’re talking about 230 million subscribers. But of course, we must not forget that this vocation for entertainment was born in 2021, so it is not yet fully developed.

New features coming to Netflix

Another new feature that appears in the code is the use of smartphones as a controller. Specifically, the code provides in one of its lines, “A game on your TV needs a controller to play. Do you want to use this phone as a game controller?”. As this code belongs to the iPhone application, it is not known if this feature is also proposed for Android phones.

Among other things, Netflix announced in recent days its intention to incorporate more than 40 titles into its cloud gaming platform. In addition to the more than 80 currently in development, a decision that includes titles such as Monument Valley, Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace and Terra Nil. The technology company already offers 55 games on its streaming content platform, which users can access with a subscription, at no additional cost.

Its commitment to games is materialized in the intention to incorporate more than 40 titles in the next year, and another 70 that are still being developed by its partners, as reported by the company on its press website. It is also developing 16 games internally. The new titles that will expand Netflix’s catalog will cover a wide variety of genres, such as role-playing, narrative adventures, or puzzles. Some of them are Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace (April 18), Monument Valley 1 and 2 (2024), and Terra Nil (March 28).


Although the application already has games in its version for Android and iOS, this new feature would allow users to enjoy games with greater graphic power on smart TVs. In addition, using the mobile as a remote control would make the gaming experience more convenient. For the moment, Netflix has not shared information about it, nor has it denied the claims. Would you like to play games without the need to compare a PS5 or Xbox Series X console?

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