New GameCube-style Switch controller solves the drift problem!

New GameCube-style Switch controller solves the drift problem!

By Valentina Tuta

After getting a lot of critics and even demands for their classic controller, Nintendo has decided to ally with Nyxi to release what would be the best Switch controller. 

That’s why we’ll talk a bit about why the gaming community is so excited about the new design and briefly detail it so you’ll know why it’s currently considered perfect for Switch users.

The perfect Nintendo Switch controller

To begin with, it’s important to mention that Nintendo finally decided to take over their famous problem with the drift  without losing the capability to play your favorite titles and have fun as always. And you won’t have to try to repair it on your own with dangerous and unreliable alternatives.

Nyxi released its Wizard Wireless Joy-pad controller designed specifically for the Switch that represents the perfect combination of throwback Nintendo aesthetics with an all-around improved design that gets rid of the perpetual problem plaguing Joy-Cons: stick drift. 

As you see, the Wizard updates that iconic design from GameCube’s beloved Wavebird controller with Hall Effect sensors (another aspect we’re sure you’ll love), back buttons, and improved triggers. Moreover, the fact that the Nyxi Wizard can split apart and connect to a Switch is just the cherry on top.

No More Stick Drift

While the Wizard’s Wavebirds is a detail that strongly caught the attention of most players, certainly, the Hall Effect sensors have won the battle. Hence, Nyxi may have addressed the most egregious flaw with the Joy-Cons by using Hall Effect sensors for its Wizard joysticks, which drastically reduce instances of joystick drift and have fewer dead zones.

Although these are not the only details we can highlight, since apart from addressing stick drift, Nyxi added more crucial features in order to make the Wizard feel like a pro controller.

On the other hand, the controller also has back buttons and burst settings, more tactile triggers that have 0.3 mm trigger distances, and illuminated ABXY buttons. The Nyxi Wizard even lets you adjust the amount of rumble with five levels.

Customize your Wizard!

But that’s not all, as you can customize it by choosing which joystick ring you want, between a round one for more fluidity when it comes to racing games or an octagonal joystick ring for more precision on directional inputs for fighting games.

And even if these small details do not excite you more than the Hall Effect sensors, they combine to make a controller that’s worth the premium price tag. Actually, Nyxi says its Wizard controller can get 8.5 hours of playtime and will take 2.5 hours to fully charge.

It’s already sold out!

Well, to be honest, the price of this joystick is by far higher than the Nintendo classic Joy-Cons. However, if you consider the cumulative costs of constantly replacing your joy-Cons due to the failure of its lever, the Wizard seems like a more cost-effective way of enjoying your Switch.

Although to the sadness of many, the Nyxi Wizard is currently sold out and even if you have other good alternatives in the market, trust us, you won’t be able to find a driver that does as good a job as the Nyxi driver.


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