Situations that generate stresses in the area of technology

Situations that generate stresses in the area of technology

By carolc

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Stress is present in several areas of our life, personal, professional, family, among others. And certainly one of the areas that makes the mind work under immense pressure, is the area of technology.

In the 21th century, technology is in all areas of our lives, and with that it dominates all areas of our lives.

What some years ago some technologies were just movie stuff, today is real and is present in our lives. This can cause a great deal of dependence, because in many cases when we can’t find our cell phone, we are already desperate or do not “have what to do” if there is no cell phone nearby.

Small details in the technology that we don’t even value, but that stop working for a few moments can cause chaos. If city traffic lights stop working, large parts of the city at peak times can cause serious accidents.

It is impossible to ignore or even escape the modernity we live in. Even in the most isolated areas and in the simplest places it is present. The failure and excess of these technologies can cause a great deal of tiredness in our mind and even high levels of stress.

Why does technology cause stress?

Stress has always been with us. Be it because something is disorganized, it is not in our way, it is causing delay, rework, or the like. With the help of technology this can cause further deterioration or smooth out the situation.

That is why it is very important how we use technology, how we react to the situation at every moment. We are not obliged to do everything in real time, every time our time, do not give reasons for your anxiety to be high.

We analyze some situations so that we can police ourselves and prevent our mental burden from being overcome and we can take advantage of our energies to develop more and more.

See the situations that may be present in our day to day, and we don’t even notice when it can wear out our mind.

Technological situations that generate stress

Prioritize the virtual

Do you know when that moment of message arrives and we want to answer them all as soon as possible? Or when we went somewhere with a crowd and everyone tells stories and subjects from day to day and we were stuck there on the cell phone screen. This makes us lose great benefits from the relationships we have.

It is important that the people who are with us feel that they are receiving our attention, be it a chat, in a cafe or even at parties. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the best experiences, we never know what the last time will be.

False expectations

In the virtual world everything is beautiful and wonderful. People are happy, showing all the best and everyone is smiling all the time.

This can demonstrate that we are much inferior to others or cause anxiety because we think we are stuck in time. Don’t take it seriously, everyone has problems, everyone goes through great difficulty.

Be aware that real life is totally different from virtual life, value what you have today, it may seem little, but it is what you have for real.

Compulsive shopping

If people already love to consume what they don’t need personally, imagine online where the possibilities are practically infinitely greater.

This makes us forget the small details, the small pleasures, we only think about consuming and exchanging what no longer serves us. We should always think we really need it, if we are able and if it will really bring us benefits.

Watching the other’s life

It seems that the neighbor’s grass is always greener. We are always keeping an eye on everything and everyone. Noticing everything we don’t have.

Nowadays people post their lives as if they were great world celebrities, even if they do not agree certain situations, the “influencers” are always showing that life is beautiful in all situations.

It makes us think that our life is not that interesting, but it is not true. We can follow other people’s routine, but we cannot take the focus off ours.


Don’t stay up late playing or watching videos. Sleep is important in all phases of our lives. The actors in the series have already earned their salary for your performance, you with a delayed sleep, maybe not.

Distraction with notifications

Whenever possible, leave your phone on silent. So that you don’t lose your focus or cause discomfort to those who are with you, this can cause an inelegant moment.

Likes and comments

Don’t let your self-esteem be changed by a few likes on social media. There are millions of moments that you can live happily without needing any. Go far beyond that.

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