Why do people appear to be more anxious and depressed these days?

Why do people appear to be more anxious and depressed these days?

By carolc

Technology may not be the root factors of the causes of our psychological disorders and a drop in our self-esteem, but it can be a factor to further amplify these emotions.

Virtually people of all generations are severely affected because of the effects of modernity. But, why does this actually happen? Why in this age, depression and anxiety are always together? Technology can be the answer to many of these questions.

With a simple look, we can see that technology and human psychology has its actions to change in our daily lives. The capitalist system makes us more consumers, more technology, more productivity, more money and more everything.

Industrial revolutions made human life jump in several areas. With that, the speed with which everything develops became faster. The population, the production and even the collective objectives.

Nowadays the vast majority of people follow the same pattern, they need more things to live, need to work harder, study more, try harder. As a consequence, less time for you, less time for fun and this weakens your mental health.

This fast-paced routine didn’t start last year, it practically always had this quest to have more and more. It is at this point that the question arises, so why in the past two decades has this affected more aggressively?

Analyzing this question, a key point that today makes all the difference compared to the past, the factor of connectivity and globalization.

There are two factors that greatly influence any type of people, those who do not have a good psychological can easily fall into these two traps. Comparison and competitiveness; and the “syndrome” of always being online.

Comparison and competitiveness

Through the showcase of the online world we see practically the whole world in the palm of our hands. Social media, which is the most common thing for people to spend more time viewing, is the easiest way to communicate.

Sharing your life through photos, comments, videos and other ways, there is nothing wrong with that, the problem is in our mind, which sees things superficially.

What is common to be seen are people traveling, smiling, starting some kind of relationship, sharing pictures of tasty dinners. This kind of thing can affect our ego as if no one has any problems.

Therefore, we create a reality that does not exist. We started to create negative ideas so that we can consume more and more this imaginary reality.

We want to show what is good, but no matter how successful we are, the neighbor’s grass will always be greener.

We are always making comparisons, like friendships that start a relationship while we can’t get anyone, people who rise in office while we are years in it, or people who are achieving everything we wanted and we are stopped.

Of course, we do not do this on purpose, but we need to be aware that we need to work on this, as this greatly damages our self-esteem. And this is done hundreds of times in our day, within reach of our hands.

Need to always be online

It is a very rare thing that we managed to disconnect from everything at the same time. At work, at home, in studies and in entertainment, technology is always present to help us.

Pay the bank account by cell phone while watching TV, reading the messages in the notification bar and leaving the email in sight to reply later.

With the internet it is possible to take care and manage all aspects of our life, which requires a great physical and mental organization.

Even after hours, our mind still keeps the work running automatically.

The moments of real rest are difficult to happen, because the tasks are increasing and we have to dedicate a lot of attention to our cell phones, social networks and other platforms.

Those people who take too long to respond, have a many complaints for lack of attention and consideration. This whole connection has a very profound impact on the level of our stress. Our anxiety, our behavior to expect something, is affected more and more.

The delays start to get frequent, the deadlines increasingly shorter, even lying down to sleep our mind worries about the problems of the whole week, this directly affects our anxiety. So anxious that we developed a disorder around it.

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