1899 the new Netflix series

1899 the new Netflix series

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The synopsis of 1899?

“A steamship full of European immigrants travels to New York. Everyone on the ship dreams of a future in the new world. When, while en route, they discover another immigrant ship adrift on the high seas, their journey takes an unexpected turn. What they will discover on board will turn their journey to the promised land into a nightmarish enigma that will connect the past of each of the passengers through a complicated web of secrets.”


1899 has a season of eight chapters, which are titled as:

  • The Ship
  • The Child
  • The Fog
  • The Fight
  • The Call
  • The pyramid
  • The storm
  • The key

Who starred in the series?

The eight episodes of the first season star Emily Beecham -who plays Dr. Maura-, Aneurin Barnard -as Daniel, a mysterious passenger on the Kerberos-, Andreas Pietschmann -as Eyk, captain of the Kerberos ship-, Miguel Bernardeau -the actor from Élite who plays Angel- and José Pimentão -as Ramiro, Angel’s brother-.

They are joined by Alexandre Willaume -Anker-, Maciej Musial -as Olek-, Jonas Bloquet -as Lucien-, Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen -as Krester-, Rosalie Craig -who plays Virginia-, Clara Rosager -as Tover-, Maria Erwolter -Iben-, Yann Gael -Jerome-, Mathilde Ollivier -as Clémence- and Gabby Wong -Yuk Je-.

How did 1899 end for Maura?

Since 1899 is based on a probabilistic system of decisions within a simulation of reality, Maura will always choose to keep Elliot alive. So, repeatedly, the story will be restarted, and she will travel the same path and the same environment towards the exact conclusion.

Alternative theories

The crux surrounding the memory of 1899 is that eternal envy about whether the existence we perceive and feel as definite is definite-definite or in existence (sorry) is a product of our neural connections. This already implies that the brains exist, which I even tell you is in the extreme to cause if we get on such a stupendous scale. It would not be to banish that the creators of the registry are influenced by that debate that arose a term ago on the definitive interest that the whole orb is a computer mess of super-evolved foreign merchandise. It is not a scratch of our harvest, of naivety that is in the debate between the great physicists and meta physicists of the present time.

Who is “The Creator”?

On more than one occasion, the characters referred to “The Creator,” an enigmatic character behind the great experiment central to the 1899 storyline. Halfway between terrifying and awesome, the mysterious figure is responsible for the grand simulation that contains all the characters.

For much of the chapters, Maura went from one side of the ship to the other in search of answers. She was also convinced that “The Creator” was her father. Only to discover that the personification of dominance and control in the series is herself. Surprising? It is insofar as 1899 uses the concept of simulation to support the idea of multiple possibilities and what it engenders.

Series similarities

Since in the Dark series different elements of the plot were connected, it is to be expected that in 1899 this factor will be repeated, which is why it is worth paying attention to all the details that are shown chapter by chapter. Something that should not be missed is the triangle or pyramid that is shown, as this has been a prominent element since the poster and the official trailer of the series.


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